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Thank you for the votes from my Bane art. Here's a contest of mine, presenting "The DareDevil costume contest"!! I'm planning to do a fan art of DareDevil soon but you guys can help me

redesign his can exaggerated the guy, you can make every pose possible, monsterize long as he become so wicked and evil..Any medium will do but it should be fully colored.

Artwork that wins will be my guide for my fan art..

I hope this works..enjoy!

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@cookieeater: hey Just saw this and was a little confused. You won the Artist Show-off which the basis for it is to choose a character of choice by the winner and have everyone draw it as the next challenge. There is already a Costume Contest that someone else had won. So if you want to stick with Daredevil thats cool but to follow with the Artist Show-off rules then it should be for the awesome artist here on CV to show what they have.

Also if you want to pin this to the top just PM a moderator (ie )

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@cookieeater: Hey dude, as Raven said you won the Show-Off, which is different from the Costume contest...would you please make a new thread following Artist-Show Off guidelines? I'm sure one of the other artists would be happy to help you set it up.