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Costume Contest #1- Emerald Empress by IcePrince X

Voting Thread

Costume Contest #2 - X-Man by EGoD

Voting Thread

Costume Contest #3 - Mr. Sinister by Crazy Pan

Voting Thread

Costume Contest #4 - Ravager by EGoD

Voting Thread

Costume Contest #5 - Superman by Watch Dog

Voting Thread

Costume Contest #6 - Catman by Kitetsu

Voting Thread

Costume Contest #7 - Wolfsbane by Watch Dog

Costume Contest #8 - Galactus by Selkirk

Costume Contest #9 - Venus Dee Milo by Yuenish Leshathe

Costume Contest #10 - Aqualad by Kitetsu

Costume Contest #11 - Trycco Slattarus aka Champion of the Universe by PLUTON

Costume Contest #12 - Havok by CuttingEdgeKomix

Costume Contest #13 - Female Ghost Rider by Selkirk

Costume Contest #14- Brainiac by EGoD

Costume Contest #15 - Buffy by Selkirk

Costume Contest #16 - Baroness by Sora the Key

Costume Contest #17- Doctor Octopus by Selkirk

Costume Contest #18 - Selene by KidAnarchy

Costume Contest #19 - Hawkgirl by @frischdvh

Costume Contest #20 - Iron Fist by DBed

Costume Contest #21 - Silver Surfer by CuttingEdgeKomix

Voting Thread

Costume Contest #22 - Fantastic Four by FrischDVH

Costume Contest #23 - Superman (with guidelines) by Caligula

Costume Contest #24 - Demon by SatanSunday

Costume Contest #25 - Phoenix by OmegaMan10

Costume Contest #26 - Dr. Doom by CuttingEdgeKomix

Costume Contest #27 - Dr Snuggles, MD by Inspiring Muffin

Costume Contest #28 - Captain Planet by UDontKnowMe

Costume Contest #29 - Venom by LT1085

Costume Contest #30- Darth Vader by payno

Costume Contest #31 Hawkeye by J_Evan

Costume Contest #32 - Aquaman by EGoD

Costume Contest #33 Archangel by rocketpig

Contest #34 Deathlok by IcePrinceX

Contest #35 Vampire Jubilee by Kamitosis

Contest #36 Ms. Marvel by EGoD

Contest #37 - Huntress by SatanSunday

Contest #38 Hanna Barbara's Super Friends by SatanSunday

Contest #39 the Incredible Hulk by Tonis

Contest #40 - Team Uniform by Lorkalt

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Contest #41 - Captain America by Project_Worm

Contest #42 Thor by Project_Worm

Contest #43 Mysterio by FrischDVH

Voting Thread

Contest #44 -Who is worthy of carrying Mjolnir [Doop] by Payno

Voting Thread

Contest #45 - Stark Armor Daredevil by the razors edge

Contest #46 Moon Knight Captain Universe by decept-O

Contest #47 Psylocke by tonis

Contest #48 - Emma Frost by EGoD

Contest #49 - Apocalypse by UDontKnowMe

Voting Thread

Contest #50 - Klaw by UDontKnowMe

Contest #51 - New Winter Soldier by cosmo111687

Contest #52 - DC in retirement by EGoD

Voting thread

Contest #53 - Cyclops by FrischDVH

Contest #54 - Sentry by Maxicere

Voting Thread

Contest #55 -- Flash by tonis

Voting Thread

Contest #56 Enchantress by Ellocobruja

Contest #57 Firefly crew by tonis

Contest #58 Spider-Woman by PoachedPig

Contest #59 Starfire by Payno

Contest #60 Thanos by redscare

Contest #61 Magneto by UDontKnowMe

Voting Thread

Contest #62 Darkstar by UDontKnowMe

Contest #63 - Bunker by UDontKnowMe

Contest #64 - Storm by Blizaga

Contest #65 - DC / Marvel Halloween - Phoenix as a zombie witch by EGoD

Voting Thread

Contest #66 - Impulse by redscare

Voting Thread

Contest #67 - Vision - tie between EGoD and wildcats25

Voting Thread

Contest #68 - Captain Marvel by redscare

Voting thread

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The Venom is epic.

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@Shatterstar:   This is a real tough one there are a few that are great.  However I am going to have to go with Venom.
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Wow, I am amazed at the artists we have here at Comic Vine.  

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They're all great but the Buffy one is amazing.
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They are all amazing.

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that Venom is fantastic!

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many good pics here, impossible to chose which i like best........
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these are awesome 
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WOW there's talent here.

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All are very good pictures. My vote goes out to either Brainiac 5, Lady Ghost Rider, The JLA team uniform, or the Psylocke picture.

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Amazing work everyone!!!!

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that captain planet one is amazing, i also like the JLA pic with the red and grey, except for green lantern who just had to be different, LOL. No liked that one too.  Also the Dr. snuggles, i thought were very interesting as well. I think everyone did a good job.

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Great stuff! :)

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I really loved the Ravager and Hawkgirl designs.

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So many awesome ideas for costume re-vamping -- some look almost obvious for how they match the character -- I really love the idea for Emma! I love them all actually, and also, it was great to see someone's submission for a Justice League where everyone wore a uniform which all matched in some way. Not that I am saying it would work, but it was interesting how the artist integrated the existing costume into a similar theme expressed through the others.

Being a Marvel fan-girl, I can't help but think if this would be a good direction for the Avengers, or at least the Uncanny Avengers. I should probably dig through this forum and see if it's been already done in another contest.

Again though -- congrats to all the previous winners. :)

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Updated, some early contest links may be broken due to forum revamp, thats a project...

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@shatterstar: Thanks for updating this as well as the other winning contest threads, it helps.

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Nice Stuff


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