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Alright, got some great entries for the Spawn costume contest, names are above the entries, voting will go for a couple of days.

@shatterstar if you could pin please!






















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I'm gonna need a minute to think my choice over...wow.

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Redscare... though I had to make an hour before coming up with this very very tough decision....lots of exceptionally great entries here.

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Yeah this is super tough but im gonna go with @ramsillustrations. His colors are what took home the cake.

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Wow... What a great contest all around. I haven't seen a turnaround like this in a while!

I love Rams' colors but I like iceprincex design more, so after much deliberating I cast my vote for iceprincex.

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I think I'm gonna go with Payno here. Man, this was really, really hard pickings.

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Payno, didn't know we could vote in the contest we participate though.

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I might choose otherwise if it were a showdown thread, but for costume redesign, I gotta go with payno. Very tough choice, these are outstanding.

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Payno really nailed this challenge i think...another great crop of entries!

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armiv is my favourite, something about the skinny frame makes it more sinister looking. So aye my vote, armiv :D

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Alright, we have a winner, congrats @payno for the win.

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Thanks for the votes everyone.

New contest has been posted. http://www.comicvine.com/forums/artist-show-off-4/costume-contest-88-shatterstar-1575170/