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1st, I just wanted to apologize for the lateness of this contest. I just saw the results of the last contest and I didnt realized i won by default.


with the recent 50th anniversary of the show and the introduction of the New Doctor, Peter Capaldi, on the Christmas special, this contest is as follows: design a signature outfit for The Doctor from the British tv show, "Doctor Who".

either design one for Peter Capaldi or design one for a fictional 12th doctor. have fun with it! maybe incorporate elements of past doctors or just make something completely unique!

deadline Jan 11th

@shatterstar please pin!

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Ooooh this is gonna be cool!! 8D

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This one might be one of the most interesting contests of all time.

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I hope this inspires others!

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That's great @wildcats25 ... think I'll contribute too.

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Ok I don't know anything about Dr Who, but I did just re read Court of Owls, and I thought it'd be awesome if Dr Who was a Talon! So here's.. Dr Hoot!