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Poll: Costume Contest #76 Voting Thread (16 votes)

artiom1q2w 6%
redscare 88%

There were only two artists brave enough to meet the challenge of giving an updated look to Neil Gaiman's Sandman. Only one leaves this thread as the reigning champ. Voting will go until Friday noon PST. Most votes wins and starts the next Costume Contest thread.

The entrants (names appear below the submission):


Great work to both entrants and good luck!

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wow, Redscare, wow!

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Yeah, redscare, very impressive, does he have a name yet?

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artiom1q2w! tho that face looks familiar... like er... from some manga

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Alright looks like @redscare ran away with this one, congrats! Looking forward to the next one.

Thanks to both artists that entered, I know that was a tough one.

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Forgot about this... posting the new contest now!