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Hopefully this Voting Thread will post correctly. Names of each artist above their respective entry.

Cast your vote for your ONE favorite in the comments.

Voting to end approximately 11:00 AM, MST USA, Wednesday, July 10,th 2013.








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Looks I will get the voting ball rolling.

I vote for IcePrinceX's costume design for Vampirella.

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MrFuzzyNuts - The coloring on this is great. It pays homage to the original look but offers a modern approach.

Great entries all around though!

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IcePrinceX. That look is killer.

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Wow, loving the entries for this contest! What an interesting character choice :D

Love them all, but I have to vote EgoD. That picture is ridiculously hot! O____O

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ArmIV2 gets my vote

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Too many choices, gonna go with Egod, the shoes take the cake.

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Voting is officially over. It is now 12:00 Noon MST USA. Almost 72 hours since voting began.

It appears IcePrinceX is the winner with 3 votes.

Congrats to IcePrinceX, he will be contacted in a bit.

Thanks to everyone who voted, incredible designs by everyone. I think each one would fit Vampirella well if they ever decided to give her a new costume!

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@keroga gettin a little risque over there lol, nice

I have to give my vote to MrFuzzyNuts though. Look at the figure on that Vampirella!

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Wow! Thanks for the votes you guys!

This has been an intense costume change art. I hope you will like the next costume contest.

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