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MUHAHAHA: I get a chance to pick the new costume contest. I was so tempted to make it Princess Lucinda. a character the comic company I work for publishes. (Shamless Kickstarter plug)

But then I thought. nooooo, lets make this a real contest. A contest that will make the artist on here dig deep. And here it is. Your artistic mission is to turn our favorite space mercenaries, the crew of Serenity into Big darn Superheroes. And when I say crew I mean more than one member. Go big or go home! We're looking for multiple members, cool costumes and cool powers. Yo have till April 12 2012 to finish so have fun and keep flying!

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Love the idea!

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@The Dark Huntress: and proud

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@Ellocobruja: I gotta admit, for some strange reason I'd never watched Firefly before this but I wanted to know the characters so I spent the last weekend having a marathon till I viewed everything. Love it, Love it, Love it.

I thought about putting them in like a team costume but realized as I watched the show that these are very different and unique individuals and trying to make them all wear the same thing wouldn't look right to the characters. So I explored around and chose things that I think fit best to their personalities.

Big thanks for turning me onto this show for sure :)

Firefly : Big Damn Heroes
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@lykopis: thanks sweety, this one was really tough with all those unique looking characters.

oh and very nice and sincere sentiments you added to the guidelines thread, it's users like you that make it worth contributing to the artists corner :)

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id be pure up for this contest but ive never watched firefly but know about it so i wouldnt know what powers properly reflect their personalities :(

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@Blizaga101: no powers, it's really more like a western in space with some interesting characters :)

If you have netflix that's where I got the season and watched it, also wikipedia has a great writeup on each character that helps to get to know them.

It'd be interesting as hell though to see what powers you would give each one, that would make for a killer episode :)

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can you make this go till 12th? Then I could squeeze in my entry...

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I apologize because I can't make it. please proceed with the voting at your convenience.

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Congrats Tonis! I think you won.

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Lol true, shame more entries didn't come out would have liked to have seen more interpretations

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I Agree. Well there is no doubt who the winner is then

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thanks for the heads up guys, I woulda liked to see more ideas too.

I did get turned on to a really awesome show though and that rocks :)

I'll see what I can come up with and get the next one going later this evening.