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The Psylocke Costume Contest turned out plenty of entries! Thanks to all who submitted work, and thanks to all who will vote!

Names of the artist to the left of their respective entry. Please vote for just one entry. Please don't quote another user as your vote; type out the name, please.

Voting ends August August 17th @ 12:00 NOON, Central Standard Time USA.


















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Om1kron, I just dig that style.

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So much awesomeness. Very hard to choose.... EGoD.
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A very hard decision here. Awesome work by everyone!

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holy crap, wicked hard choice but such awesomeness for entry turnout.


an extra robotic arm, that's pretty cool :)

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Damn I couldn't make the deadline had a busy week but nice work I see here.  
This is tough but I dig...TONIS Psylocke. She looks beautiful, love the design and pose.
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These are all incredible, though.

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Tonis and Cosmo

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@Edgeworth_11: I didn't make the deadline either. -________-
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@RazzaTazz: As stated in the heading, please vote for only one artist.

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Sorry if I have to choose only one Tonis it is, but I still like Cosmo's second best

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Payno and  Tonis

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@haydenclaireheroes: Same with you my friend. Please read the heading of the voting thread. Please, guys, cast a vote for only one artist!

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@Decept-O: Okay than i pick Tonis
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This was so darn hard. Really great work. And I am with Razza Tazz can't we choose two? hahah. Noo? Decepto. You make this so hard. :{ JK.

If I must choose one, Baddamdog.

Everyone though is absolutely wonderful.

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Oh wow, hmmmn, uhm, well this is way too hard to narrow down... I'll go with Cosmo11687 as my selection.  
I really liked them all though, oh and the one by Athene too... and Tonis... and EgoD. *mentions the rest as well* lol  

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@VioletteVixen:  Awwh yeah, awwh, I wanted to see yours... still? You will still do it, finish it even though you can't enter it in this comp?? *hopes hopes so*
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@SC: Yeah, I'll still finish it. I just drew it too big to be finished in time for this. x[
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Alot of cool entries here 
I am going with Ice Princess X

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if i had to vote for my favourite, itd have to be Athene :P
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This is such a hard selection. So umm... hmm.... Baddamdog really like the colors and he gave the most detail in his creative process! This was a great treat thanks to everyone that participated!
P.S. How come you didn't make one Decept-O? :o

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@tonis: Tough decision by I think Tonis takes the cake
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Probably the best costume contest since the Thor and Captain America ones! 
I choose Ice's design.
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@MrUnknown: I agree, so many fantastic entries. I love Baddamdog's design as well. I didn't enter because I wasn't happy with the design I had. Also, I thought other artists would think of something better, and I was proven right!

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Tonis, very professional!  
But I love Edo D and the other works, too.
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@ IcePrince_X 

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gets my vote. I see the style going with the British taste of Psylocke. 
But this is one of the most difficult choices I have to make... so many GREAT CONCEPTS! 
kudos to the threadmaker! this is one hit that is hard to top!

also guys, I am a guy... I am not a princess >-< LoL
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FrischDVH =)
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Blizaga101, but everyone's pieces look so Great! I'm jelous of your talent...

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EGOD/ I just like that costume to me it makes psylocke

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I'm gonna have to go with Tonis.

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@TheGoldenOne said:
So much awesomeness. Very hard to choose.... EGoD.
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@GrandSymbiote94: As in the heading, I ask people to please cast a vote. Please type out your choice. You quoted another user. I don't know why this is showing up twice. PLEASE. This makes it a hassle for me. EDIT: I won't make EgoD lose a vote because you didn't type out your vote. Yet, please, try to at least type out your vote. I can only count one vote from you. Don't know if this is a glitch or something else.

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This was an awesome turnout in designs for Psylocke, my vote goes to Tonis.

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@Decept-O: I'm sorry.
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@GrandSymbiote94: Its OK. Thanks my friend. I only say anything because sometimes the Quote function gets messed up and also some people use the Quote and also vote. Makes it a bit confusing knowing what they are voting. Thank You for taking time to cast a vote as you usually do!

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Crazy looking and cool. Nice work everyone! 
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