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Sorry for the delay folks but here is our entries to design a team uniform. A great turnout and some REALLY creative ideas to come from you all. 
Here they are, you know the drill. Names of artists are below each image. 
Voting is open till Saturday the 26th midnight (PST)








 The Lobster


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lorkalt! (Although EGoD's was awesome... as always! I also loved Tonis')

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these are the times I wish I had categories because there are some choices that truly deserve them. I hope we get to see some of these in the monthly showcase :) 
A very hard one to narrow down. I'm gonna go with Payno, those duds should be in the cartoon and the way you themed it is total genius.

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They all look awesome. I gotta give this one to  lorkalt  this time around. The League would look excellent if they wore uniforms like those. 

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Lorkalt for sure.
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Yow, tough one... 
Imma go with... Lorkalt though.
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Followed closely by EGod. 

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Payno takes this one

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Tonis but shame we can't vote for more than one coz i liked Egods one too

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Im torn!! But I'll go with Payno for this one... I like the costumes....though both payno and lorkalt have the same basic idea of one costume with slight alterations for each member, I just like payno's more.

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While I really like Lorkalt's work, Payno combined both a "uniform" look yet maintained the individual character's identities by incorporating their symbols into the design.   
Tonis and DomDom's colors and designs really stand out as well, and all the other entries are great and a lot of fun.  Nice work.  Great Comic Vine Artists!
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Lorkalt definitely takes this

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  The Lobster

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after a long thought I'm putting  my vote in to Payno, I love the simplicity of the costumes
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Ima say Panyo.

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Well it looks like Lorkalt is the fan favorite for sure, and with a very deserving piece indeed. 
Congrats to all the wonderful ideas each of you came up with. 
I'll let Lorkalt know to get the next one going.

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Lorkalt :D