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Sorry I kinda forgot about starting this again, lol.  Anyway lets start with the entrants, even though Selkirk was in after the deadline I'm gonna allow it since I forgot and well I don't want to get called unfair by anyone.  This costume contest was to draw Mr. Sinister.  So g'ahead and vote, vote, vote. 

First up is Crazy Pan

Kid Anarchy


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crazy pan

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danhimself said:
"crazy pan"
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crazy pan
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Rune said:
"danhimself said:
"crazy pan"

Btw I don't mean to disrespect the other contestents
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Crazy Pan

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Well it looks like Pan won this contest too, way to go, now you have to pick a costume character redo.

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Kick ars! I'm gonna put something up right now :D

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grats pan...dang she's winning all of them(must sketch harder...)