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Now some of the eh older ones here might have a pick for this all ready and some of the young bucks might be a bit overwhelmed by the shear number of picks to choose from but as some even older dude said "there be gold in dem dare hills. So look this list over and pick the coolest/best/worst and make it shine. http://www.80scartoons.net/toons/index.html  (by the way you may have to do a little hunting to find a pic of your pick.)  The only rule is you must post the pic of the old costume with new. Have fun and the deadline will be 24th of july.
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sounds funnn
im gonna do my 2 old school favorites xD

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@Kid Anarchy: 
Does it have to be from the list posted?
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The Gadget and the Juice

Inspector Gadget-
The worlds number one detective, Gadget has never failed to solve a case. He's solved mysteries from the dognapping of Scooby-Doo to the murder of Papa Smurf.
The inspector has a mechanical bag of gadgets that he's created himself. This bag provides him with numerous weapons and tools such as:
-DNA scanner
-Infra-red detecting spray
-Pistol and handgun
-Locksmith tools
-Magnifying Glass
-Saw Blade
Also, by pressing the "IG" on his hat, his hat transforms into a helmet, and his bag turns into a motorcycle. His long trench coat also hast a jet back built in under it and is fire proof.
Beetlejuice is a twisted, looney, murderous, violent, and insane killer who can make anything and everything happen. The only way he can be stopped is if someone recites the "Beetlejuice Spell". With the appearance of a business man gone awry, Beetlejuice leaves a business card behind with each person he murders
*Sidenote: yes that is a beetle coming out of his eye sockets (no eyes)
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@neumato: i believe so but if you have another cartoon in mind from the 8Os im sure that wouldnt be a problem. PM your ideas to @CuttingEdgeKomix: and make sure its alright with him
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So take one character from an 80's cartoon and give him a makeover? Hm... Gotta think about this one, lol.

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@Kid Anarchy: 
Thanks for the reply. I think I found one on the list which floats my boat!
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Yeah sorry but I can only get online a few times a week so it takes a while to get back to people. Anywho, I'm glad you found one that works for you.
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I can't allow a competition to go uncontested:
In a world where the only crime is compassion. In a world of cold walls and judging eyes. In a world dying of apathy...

The Doctor is in.



The doctor and his team of extraordinary barnyard animals and quacking umbrella's will fight to save a cuddle-less world. In theaters, 2010.
Randomly picked from list of cartoons.
Reference:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doctor_Snuggles 
Dr Snuggles
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Mon*Star and Quicksilver and Steelwill at top in color are the SilverHawks .

Lion-O, Panthro, Cheetara and Monkian are at the bottom and are the Thundercats.  

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For some reason I can't add more than one pic to a post so.
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Snarf snarf Lion-O. Snarf. Snarf.

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Really sweet pictures. I enjoy the picture of Dr. Snuggles, you should draw your own full comic strip with him. You folks are talented, all deserve cookies.