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Alright Dark Walker chose Snake Eyes in an action pose as the showdown subject this week, nice work everyone that entered. Voting goes for 24 hours from this post, winner picks the next showdown.

The entries-

IcePrince X:




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Whoa is that eyes i see in the sword?

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Ego I like yours but I am gonna vote for IcePrince here cause of stylization

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I'll go with EGoD

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IcePrince X is close...but I'm going with EGoD!

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Egod.  Why is he so good?

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EGod, i like the detail of the eyes in the sword ^^

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Wow look at all the votes that have come in!

 I'd vote for everyone if I could. :D

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Ice Prince

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Looks like EGoD ran away with this one, congrats, I think thats win number 4? Next showdown starts when EGoD says so.

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Wow, well thanks for all the votes everyone,  I think all of us that entered really pulled out their best and showed off some true talent.  I already know who I'm going to pick.

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booyah Egod nice job


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Congrats to EGod and thanks to all those who entered, nice work all around.

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Time to announce my top secret ulterior motive for picking Snake-Eyes instead of say Batman for this showdown.  :-O

I work with a small group of G.I.Joe fans doing artwork for custom TCG cards that are released in boosters for free download on gijoefirefight.com, (produced by the team at Call To Valor) from the defunct game by Wizards of the Coast released a few years ago.  After talking with one of the developers it was decided we'd also use the winners artwork (from pencil layout) in a promo card.  (we do this all on free time and make no money off it, its a labour of love :D lol ).

So, eventually (once egod gets a background finished, we have our own of inkers and colourists just to keep a similar feel to all the cards that are released.) his Snake-Eye's artwork will be released as a free downloadable card for fans of the game to actually print and use!  How exciting is that!!  (you do need to be a member of the site to download the cards.)

I'll update everyone when the card is finished and or released which probably won't be for awhile, you won't believe the amount of work everyone puts into this.  Trust me, some get no sleep to get things done and we do this all for free, how's that for dedication!  LOL.

Oh, and he did not know anything about this until after the voting was done and a winner was announced.  I kept this even from my own brother as to not give him an unfair advantage.