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Hello. I saw my name linked to this place on a Google search, so I thought I'd check it out. I'm working on a couple of projects at the moment, so in the meantime I'll introduce myself through some of these past works. In fact, I'll number them because countdowns are cool.

7. Powerpuff Teens

If you're a Deviant Artist, you might have seen some variations of this-- and there were lots! Professional illustrator Kid Kaos threw a coloring contest for his Powerpuff Teens, so I didn't actually draw this picture. People liked the collectors' plate idea. From what I could gather, this was one of the top entries, but not the winner.

6. Hyperjen

People in my circle took a sudden interest in Hyperjen a while ago, so I got into the action, too. For once I was a bit overwhelmed by the tight clothes and bust size of this gal, so I went with something completely irregular. Hyperjen.com loved it, praised the Decepticon mug, and gave it the title "Too Damn Early". I don't know if the pic still lives there or not. A complete opposite to #7, this one was drawn by me and colored by someone else.

5. Dinosor

Quick pen pictures are humorous, but I don't often consider them great. This is a pretty fun one, though. The poor Dinobots were never built to combine, so they improvise.

4. Hip Flask

From the Elephantment comic series. Elephantment artist Axel Medellin sent me a Christmas card one day, so I returned the favor with this picture of Hip Flask and Miki. It's pretty cool that Elephantmen creator Richard Starkings likes this one, too.

3. Aya

One of my favorite video game series is Parasite Eve-- one and two, really. #3 should have never been released for the PSP. I actually put PE3 away to complete PE2 thirteen times in a row-- I just wanted to see what kind of bonus I'd get once I completed the items list. Fighting through the shelter repeatedly inspired this pic. The monsters are behind you, Aya.

2. I-Arcee

My niche among Transformers artists was that I would make them transparent. Arcee was the most detailed one in this style. A print of this picture went up for auction at BotCon '03, but the highest bidder never showed up to claim it.

1. Akroma, Angel of Wrath

The result of an Akroma draw-off. I also added Ixidor and a few other things to make a MtG poster. I showed the poster to MtG artist Lars Grant West who suggested I try removing all those additions and just feature Akroma. Since then, this picture has been appearing among offical MtG art in online galleries. It's also very heavily swiped for fan-made cards. I've often thought it would be cool to illustrate a Magic Card, so to see a gallery where this picture is the only fan-made one is interesting-- rather cool and frustrating at the same time.

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My word, this is truly excellent work! :) Stunning, really....welcome to CV, and thank you so much for posting your work here. Already hoping to see more! ^_^

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Thank you!

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You did all this? What a versatile artist you are... Kudos!