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Hi friends! Here a "cartoon" version of this battle. Of course, in my drawing always the classic version will win Because I love classics!!! :)

Plus A Wolrd's Finest like a vintage poster.

(If you like to see more of my drawing, check mi new webpage HERE or my FB page HERE . and see my photo albums)


World's Finest

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These are awesome! I love the retro feel of the second one, very cool ^_^

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That is WICKED! Your art style is amazing, so distinct and vibrant! Keep it up!

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The second pic feels very Art Deco. That always hits my sweet spot.

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This is very nice!

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These should be in magazines -- not just comics -- just...magazines! Your style reminds me so much of the illustrations that accompany articles like the New Yorker -- or Harper's Bizarre. Very, retro -- I can't help but be drawn to your type of artistry.

(bookmarked your Facebook for later perusing -- thanks for the link)

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That poster is so cool.

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I really love your style. Minimalist yet definitely not simple. Really nice stuff

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LOVE these!!! That first one definitely gave me the chuckles!

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