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Character Creation #52

The Challenge:

  • Create a Character that gains his powers/abilities only when he's under the Sun. So, when it's night time or when the Sun is blocked, the character is completely powerless (so they're kinda Sun dependent). You can make it to any faction you want (Hero, Villain, Neutral etc). It can also be in any form (Human, Alien, Humanoid etc). Bios and Descriptions are strongly encouraged.

Deadline (tentative):

  • April 22, 2012
  • 9:00 AM GMT


It's my first time here and I really don't know if I'm doing this right :/

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Challenge accepted!

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@PoachedPig: Glad you know you won the last character creation contest. Congrats! It was a good concept and art. This is a good idea. Hopefully a Mod can find time to post this topside.

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Wow really great contest idea should bring a bit of diversity to the post. I know what my entry will be so that should be done soonish :P Hope everyone has fun with it :P

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Heres ym entry :P

Ok so this is Veronica Reeve/ Mirage.

It didn’t take me long to decide what I wanted my character to be. I felt a plant or fire type hero would be predictable to I got sciency to say the least and thought of ways the sun’s energy could be used thus illusions. And she fits in with the theme as her skin absorbs sun light and where there’s no sun she’s pretty much powerless, except for her gauntlet thingy :P

Originally Veronica was the schools resident dork who obsessed over extra-terrestrials and supernaturals. She was often eased and bullied for her hobbies. During one of her midnight hikes in hopes of catching anomalies in the sky, suddenly a small piece of meteorite crashes only 5 feet away from her causing her severe pain. Even though she was injured she excitedly hurried for the astroid and found a strange piece of machinery. She touched it and in a yellow glow of light the tech integrated her veronicas skin becoming her new skin. She later learned with this new skin she was able to absorb solar light and manipulate it to create illusions which can cause her victims to receive severe headaches, break down mentality or collapse. She contemplated many objectives she could accomplish with this skin. Primarily she decided to take revenge on her bullies making most of them paranoid and delusional. However she later received the feeling of great accomplishment when she saved a couple from a mugging. Her life is her own course and in a small town in Middle America bizarre occurrences can be common.

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@Decept-O: Yeah, thanks. I don't even know how did I won that contest. hehe

@Blizaga101: Cool entry and I love the back story. Great work!

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Good choice, I hope to get my entry done in the next couple days.

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Esteban Morales always enjoyed the sun as far as he could remember. When he was a baby, he could hear his mother warn him "Esteban, come back here and keep your hat on, for jesus sake, the sun is only for locos and tourists!".

As he hit thirteen, he discovered the sun was different for him: Esteban flew for the first time, trying to escape a bunch of bullies, and then broke three ribs in the unfortunate landing.

At the hospital, you get time, lots of time, time enough to discover that the sun rays through the large window makes you fly in your sleep, or that you can warm up not only your room but the entire aisle during a storm because elderly people don't resist the cold that well.

When Esteban got back home he was seriously puzzled: what if the bullies harass me again.

Well, let them pray they harass at night.

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Maxine Walters was known as 'the queen of green', a young bright scientist pioneering the field of solar energy power conversion. She wanted to save the world, and when she discovered her technology was being being developed into weapons and sold to the highest military bidders by her own company behind her back she promptly took all her developments and disappeared. Having to leave the company she created to be run by those she trusted most who betrayed her and now wanted by the government for corporate & military espionage.

She now works in secret with a small group of scientists and environmentalists and has used her technology to create a suite of incredible power when fueled by sunlight. Her former company has developed a power storage technology that can make the suit overcome it's limitations but they've got armies ready to protect it.

Superheroes go green with Voltaic

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@DocFatalis: Nice back story... btw where's your art work? I'd love to see what Esteban Morales looks like.

@tonis: Ooohh! Love the "Superheroes go green!" :D

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name : flare

powers.powerful solar flare burst, sun balls,electromagnetic disruption,radiation fields,gravity flow intense heat aura,sun vision

story:nothing is known accept she fell from the sky April 15 at 1:30 on a day known as SUNday and fell to the core of the earth

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@tonis: Very nice design. Mine should be up in the next couple of days.

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A being from another world, who wields the pure unbridled fury of the sun. He gains his strength from solar rays, and some say is invincible. When the night comes he seeks another part of the world where the sun is present, and stays there. The absence of sun is the only weakness he has.

BTW 100th post! And I am aware of the oversized arms :/
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The Sunflower was once a regular small flower. Then one day it was hit by a meteor and somthing happend, it turned into The Sunflower!

The Sunflower is a regular flower by night and a Super flower by day who has the ability of Super Photosynthesis, allowing him to absorb the sun's power and release not only oxygen but also pure awesomeness!

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Awesome Bud!


Great effort, love the feeling and mood!

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nice entries coming in here!

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Rough idea

Michael (Me-Kale)

A paraplegic who can use energy he absorbs from the sun to form his missing appendages, as well as other powers, such as incredible strength, endurance and blasts of solar energy from his hands and eyes.

By night, he loses his limbs again and is once again confined to man a wheelchair.

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Helios's armour absorbs solar energy and channels it into the arms and boots of his costume, where it is converted into powerful energy blasts which can be fired from his hands, as offensive weapons or from his boots,allowing him to fly. The suit uses up so much energy doing this that, without sunlight, it's energy reserves are soon depleted.
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Praetor Corona

For every sun that exists in the universe, there exists a corporeal counterpart, the sun in other form. Although they exist simultaneously, this "other" entity is the star also. 'Twas born when their sun was, and shall die when their sun does. They can generate all forces their star form can, limited only by their other (i.e. plasma, gravity, light etc.). They take names bestown to them by those races from planets which reside in their solar systems, in this case Corona. Those who shine brightest and hottest receive unofficial title from those above, who deem them talisman of said galaxy. Fundamentally immortal, they cannot be harmed, but are rendered powerless by night, in that they can exert no pressure or force what so ever. Hails to our sons of gods. The lights that giveth and taketh away.

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@LordRequiem: killer universal concept and great job on the character rendition, as usual your coloring style is exceptional :)

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@tonis: Many thanks sir. I like to think I spend as much effort on the concept and story as I do on the image.

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@LordRequiem: This reminds me of Galactus.

Its just pure awesomeness. Just like Tonis said, your coloring style is exceptional. Wish I could color my art the same as you do :D

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Solar Sun Gold

Mainly known as Sameen Rahman is a silly 20 years person studying to be a chemist. One he finds a mysterious flower (Flora Glora), and uses it to make shampoo. The next day his hair turns magically blonde. So whenever he is near the Sun he gets SOLAR POWERS to FIGHT CRIME and SAVE JUSTICE. By DAY he is Solar Sun Gold, by NIGHT he is as pale as the Moon. His weakness is his hair getting cut then his hair turning pale black. His archenemy is LunarCutter, but thats a different story...

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Great entries everyone, voting thread will be up later tonight.

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good luck everyone :P it was a great contest full of great original designs

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@PoachedPig said:


Great entries everyone, voting thread will be up later tonight.

Very excited to see who wins!