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Unfortunately wasn't able to get some things done in time to start this voting thread sooner and apparently a Mod I'd asked to help is busy with other things, hence the delay in the voting thread. Regardless, here are the entries for this contest.

The goal was to create an original character that exemplified "morphing"; adding the transformation scene(s) was asked as well but not required.

Names to the top and left of each submission.

Voting ends April 8th@ 9:00PM Central Standard Time USA.














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Great entries all around.

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Egod, some nice stuff

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Definitely EGod for me. The intensity is amazing.

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Poached Pig...very clever concept!

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poached pig.

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Lord Requiem

that's some primo morphing going on there :)

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Very stylised and awesome.

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i like her pose

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Nice work everyone but I'm gonna have to give this one to EgoD

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Mad_Wolverine, loving the wings.

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Lord Requiem

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Payno, PoachedPig, and Shadowdeath stole the show here... I really cant decide which one I like the best... So Im going to have to go with the most detail, visual information and content here and say POACHED PIG won this one!

POACHED PIG gets my vote here, but it was a really tough decision!

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This is tied up between PoachedPig and EgoD. It is 9:00PM, April 8th. The next vote for either PoachedPig or EgoD wins it. If neither receive a vote then it will continue until tomorrow. I am unable to send PM's or write on anyone's wall for some inane reason so if a Mod wants to help out, PLEASE PLEASEA do!

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love the artwork egoD, but poached pig feels like more of a complete concept so my vote goes to poached pig

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Not sure what it is but it looks awesome. Close second would be EgoD.

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Finally able to get back on the site today and it appears that PoachedPig is the winner. Will send him a PM to let him know he won this contest. Plenty of great entries, a great contest and thanks to everyone who joined in with their submissions and the votes. Can't do them without you.

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For whatever asinine reason I am unable to send PM's or write on anyone's wall. If a Mod sees this can he or she let PoachedPig know he won this contest just to make it official if he doesn't see this? Thanks.