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Ok here's the voting thread... very good entries this time. theme was character with powers derived from object/device. vote early vote often....
cabra 565











notes-entries posted in order of submission. 
further notes-voting ends in 2 days(tuesday nite at midnite).
furtherest notes-several entries seem to have dissapeared anyone i may have missed post in forum or sendme a message.
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I'm gonna go with Turbo Toaster, really liked Selkirk's story though.

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turbo toaster. cuz she's hot
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@shatterstar-much thanks...with these i have more fun with the backstories than with drawing the chars.
that being said my vote goes to turbo toaster(i really liked oc diva's as well)

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meant to add that i really like egod's piece quite a bit as well.

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ok contest voting is over. vote count:
@Turbo_Toaster grats...looking forward to cc#6

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Whoa, hey cool! Thanks guys ^.^

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nice work

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@Turbo_Toaster still waiting for character creation contest #6. you won and your prize is to start new contest.

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TurboToaster deserved the prize.

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tie between egod and kreatis seeing as how turbo_toaster isnt responding. @kreatis and @egod you have dibs on next character creation contest. basically work it out between the two of you. if you dont hear from the other in one day(tuesday) just go ahead and post the next one.

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Oh! Sorry guys, I didn't realize I had to start the next one. If I'm too late it's all good, go ahead and make another topic.

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@turbo_toaster oh hey hadn't heard from you...if you want please do post a character creation  #6.