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Sora's asked for help posting the voting thread so here goes. Voting ends midnight PST Feb 23. Most votes wins, post your vote for your favorite creation in this contest's theme -

Chess Pieces. Check out the contest thread for some of the character's descriptions.

The entrants:

krazyg30's Knight:

(krazyg30 had two entries, assuming the later is the official entry)

hawkeye446's Knight - The Hoof:

LeeThomasArt's Knight, Queen, King, and Rook:

LordRequiem's The Rook:

johnnyism's Dark Knight:

Decoy Elite's P.A.W.N.:

Character description:

P.A.W.N was created by a mad scientist to be fodder for his Chess themed robots, but the madman was defeated before the other robots could be finished. P.A.W.N was to be dismantled but a hero took pity on the machine and reprogrammed it to be good. To the hero's surprise this led to P.A.W.N trying to stop villains despite it's weak body and lack of any skill. When a second attempted was made to reprogram P.A.W.N it did nothing, the machine had someone grown a mind of it's own and wouldn't give up it's dreams to be a hero.


Kid Anarchy's Pawn:

Character description:

Pawn: A midget from Russia who has the ability to duplicate himself and is invulnerable. Member of Check Mate, a team from the secret villainous Boardgame organization. Brought together by their leader, Chess Master, the team is determined to overthrow the government and create chaos and pandemonium within society. These members were specifically selected, all having in common the fact that they're all mute but have the ability to communicate telepathically. This team is determined to wreak havoc.

(Kid Anarchy had 3 characters created but didn't mention which was the official entry)

Canis' Pawn:

In every life there comes a time when you grow weary of being used.

Rockfall's Pawn:

tonis' Superfriends Chess:

manchine's White Knight:

Decept-O's Goblin King with Rook:

Character description:

This is a Goblin King with his "Rook", an enchanted bat staff which can teleport the Goblin King at his command. As the word Rook has several meanings, one of which being a bird, I decided to use another winged creature, a bat.

In Chess, a move is made between the King and a Rook where they switch places in the back field, provided neither King nor Rook has previously been moved and if the other players are out of the way. Usually used if a Bishop or Queen is in line to put the King in check. The move is called "castling" or "to castle".

So the Goblin King and his Rook "castle" when they teleport.

EGoD's White Queen:

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super cool contest and entries this time, great idea by Sora.


Remind me of battle chess back in the ole days.

Also kudos to Shatterstar's idea to put the descriptions in the spoilers. Great idea man, it adds a lot to the art :)

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imma going with Decept-O

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Great drawing, great design, great character. I especially like the Rook hammer.

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LeeThomasArt's. Those characters are just sick.

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LordRequiems' The Rook. Loving he design on that one but this was a TOUGH contest.

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Decoy Elite's
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Looks like we got a tie, so I'll cast the deciding vote, a lot of great entries in this one but my vote will go to EGoD.

Congrats EGoD, looking forward to #50!

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@TDK_1997 said:


voting ended

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Congrats EGoD!

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Wow, thanks, it's a bit late so I will sleep on it and start up the next contest tomorrow morning.