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I want you to create a unique and original "Underwater" hero or villain.

I also have an extra requirement. DUN, DUN...DUNNN!!!

I would like to see with each of your characters a short paragraph that

explains them; their design, powers, history, anything you’d like to mention.

Hope you have fun with the contest. Can't wait to see what yous come up with.

Deadline will be October 15th, 11:00 PM, GMT

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@Blizaga101: Sounds awesome. Hopefully this can get posted topside by a Mod soon.

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I actually have a character for this. If I can actually draw them that is...

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@Icarusflies: cool cant wait to see it, ive got a character aswell, but think i might go in a different direction

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Ok, I've been told several times that there has been a previous contest which the theme was the "ocean". I understand that there is similiarities, however my contest is to create an under water hero or villian. No theme. Just an underwater original character

Sorry if anyone interested in entering were put off because of its similiarities, but its has been approved by a mod

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@Blizaga101: I understand it. It is different than the Oceanic contest. You are asking for an Underwater Hero or Villain; it may be similar to the Oceanic contest but yours is different!

No problemo says Decept-O. I totally get what you want here, you are being specific regarding what you're asking. Hope this turns out well, sounds like fun, and like you said, you have approval from a Moderator.

Congrats yet again!

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What I am currently working on!

I have an entire race of them... I am doing a bust maquette actually... she is part of a special warrior group. ;-)

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Heres my unofficial entry. I thought since im not entering id create both a hero and a villain.

Jetfish(female) -

Amara was born to an atlantean father and mutant mother. They met on land and the father brought the mother under the water to live with him. She lived in an air chamber where she could breath naturally, but couldnt leave as her body wouldn't cope with the oceans pressure. She became pregnant, however when the time came she died during giving birth. She gave birth to a daughter. The baby turned out to be completely mutant, but with a more, but not perfect resistance to the oceans pressure. However she gained the mutant ability to control water. Atlantean scientists designed her a suit which would increase her resistance and allow her to swim in the ocean. Her suits gives her enhanced strength and the power to swim and sonic speeds.

Aqua Fang( monster thing) -

Aqua Fangs mother was 2 months pregnant when a chemical spilliage from a naval cruiser seeped into the ocean and poisoned the water she breathed. At first there was no signs of trouble from the spillage, but when she gave birth the baby was mutated. Her family terrified and ashamed of the baby abandoned it. The baby alone, quickly adapted into a hunter. As he grew he learned more about his orgin and formed a hatred for the humans because they caused his mutation. He discovered a human calling herself an atlantean called Amara and vowed to destroy her as she didnt belong in the sea (at least less than he did.)

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just a sketch\teaser,not finished (still working on an origin and stuff}
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@KEROGA: I'm liking the design quite a bit.

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@KEROGA: good job keroga, really liking the helmet. Cant wait to see the final version and im exited to see his orgin :D

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Under water Hero hun. Got to go with Aqua.

Aqua, was another original of mine. I made this character up in RPG's way back when I first made up Animal Teen. Animal Teen was able to copy some of his powers to different people. Since Animal Teen was me I had my friends become other heroes. Aqua, Wings, and Animal Girl all became heroes. Animal Girl is the only one who didn't make it into the GDF universe, as of yet. Pretty much the whole history has changed since the start.


His sister and Cliff plane had crashed on a remote Island. This island was the staging ground for Doctor Dino. They of course were captured and was gonna be transformed into Dino Warriors. Doctor Dino has a device to force plains to crash on his island. Sonic Soldier, Earth Lord and Animal Teen pick up a single from the crashing plane. They get involved and rescue Julie and Cliff. During the rescue the transformation process is interpreted and Animal Teen gives part of his powers to Julie and Cliff instead. Cliff blames Animal Teen for making them into freaks but his sister wants to join GDF. To protect his sister Aqua joins the GDF also. Hoping one day he will pay Animal Teen back for what he did to him and his sister.

Aquas Powers

Amphibious Nature: Aqua, can breathe both water and air. Aqua can survive in Air as well as in the water.

Enhanced Sight: His ability to see in the murky depths

of the ocean allows him exceptional night vision while

on land. He has claimed that his eyes are adapted to

see at 5,000 fathoms (or 30,000 feet below the

surface of the water).

Enhanced Hearing: several times more acute than

human capacity. Only the Blue Whale has better

hearing then Aqua

Superhuman Strength: Aqua possesses superhuman

strength and can lift up to 100 tons when in the water

or recently out of the water. He can easily jump 5

stories in a single leap on land. His strength would

appear somewhat dependent on how hydrated he is.

Superhuman Endurance: Aqua possesses strength

and stamina that allows him to swim up to 700 mph

for at least a 2 hour period without significant breaks

for rest or recuperation.

Superhuman Durability: Aqua enhanced physiology

enables him to withstand impacts that would kill and

ordinary human. He has been seen in ocean depths

as deep as 30,000 feet (5.68 miles) below the

surface of the water. That amount of pressure is

1500 times the normal atmospheres, which is enough

to turn an ordinary human into a smear of blood and

bone dust. He is completely durable against large fire

arms without being incapacitation. Regular bullets just

bounce off his chest.

Superhuman Speed: Said to be the fastest thing

underwater, he is capable of swimming at a

consistent speed of 700mph for several hours. Aqua

can travel at much faster speeds for short "sprints."

Marine Telepathy: Aqua has the ability to

communicate directly with sea life. Aqua is also to

have shown he has minor telepathic skills with the

ability to read other peoples minds. (I had this way

before aquaman showed any ability at this.)

Sonar Location: A sonar power which allows Aqua to

detect things when underwater. Aqua can use this

sonar-like sense to detect objects much as a dolphin


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@Manchine: dude, this is an epic origin and such a vivid description of his powers I'm inpressed. I love the design you gave him, looks really original.

I used to play city of heroes years ago loved it.

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@Blizaga101 said:

@Manchine: dude, this is an epic origin and such a vivid description of his powers I'm inpressed. I love the design you gave him, looks really original.

I used to play city of heroes years ago loved it.

I made up Aqua, Wings and Animal Girl back in 1985. They have some history to them. A lot of my characters do. The powers are pretty standard though.

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Name: U'raya / Angel of the Sea / Dark Angel of the Sea...
Powers: Obviously mostly fishy such as breathing underwater and such =) 
can release ink from her tentacles and swim faster then any creature in the big blue due to her wing-like fins. 
short orgin: 
Once born the third proclaimed "Angel of the Sea" (Guardians of the waterworld) U'raya swiftly turned cold to the title of her born duty and grew dark and bitter after fighting so much evil.  She ventured further and deeper into the coldest, darkest depths of the ocean and began to turn on her own, defying the Sea Angels and becoming the most feared Dark Angel.  She prefers to never be disurbed in her dark territory by the ocean floor as violence starts to become her only friend. 
lame tale but oh, well =) 
Awesome entries so far!! =)
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@Manchine: Pretty slick design and bio. Good job. @DomDom: Ooh creepy and beautiful at the same time, my sort of thing. Great artwork and design, great bio.

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Thanks -O! =)
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@DomDom: aww, it's a butterfish, er, merfly, umm hmmm, octomerfish.

Whatever you call her she's a beauty speedy :)

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lol, aww thanks tonis =) 
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I am actually making a short story entitled Sirena.

A world where there are no humans but only merpeople. What makes my version a bit different is that the mermaids actually wear armors that transforms their body into a particular species of sea animals as such this is one of them.

This is concept 15: Sail Fish

Belonging to the fierce amazon race of the Sirena, the class known as Sail Fish belongs to the Elite Military Force called the Sirens their greatest asset is speed. They are formidable in hand to hand combat and as a unit they are good at retrieving and capturing enemies. Their weakness is their armor's durability as it can not withstand too much damage.

So here she is... sail fish...

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@IcePrince_X: This I love very much. I like the story and concept and the coloring is great as well. Fantastico!

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@IcePrince_X: gorgeous work and extremely creative writing there my friend, very well done :)

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thanks! I am making a torso statue of this character. I will unveil her soon here in the Vine.


Thanks for appreciating the concept. I have not gone to the other species like the Octopodians and Crustaceans yet in terms of story but character design wise its been done. I am really going to push myself to write stories again. This is the side of me that somewhat I put on hold for the longest time.

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When over-population and overcrowding of the land became a major crisis, scientists looked to the oceans. Controversial experiments were carried out to splice human DNA with that of aquatic animals, so that humans could survive in the harsh and alien enviroment of the seas and oceans and allowing us to colonise them, solving our overcrowding problems. NARWAL was the first success in those experiments and he led those who followed to a new life beneath the waves. 
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@payno: wow, now that's a horn. Very cool one, it's like Atlantis meets Narnia :)

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Had a lot of different ideas on this one but went with the KISS mentality :)

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@payno: hes epic payno, ive liked how youve kinda not just created a new character, but a new species :D good job.

@tonis: Great design, like the lighting effects on th scales and i love the origin, almost reads like a poem

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@payno: Great concept and character design!

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@Blizaga101: @Decept-O:  Thanks.
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A professional scuba diver lost at sea was abducted by an Atlantis race, while recovering he studied their technology. After returning to his home he constructed a specialized scuba armor.Using his gadgets to stop pirates from causing chaos and trouble.
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@KEROGA: ah, a modern pirate fighter who picked up some tricks from Atlanteans. Very good idea and we could use someone like that over in the Somalia waters. :)

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great entries so far, only an hour left lol :P

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@tonis said:

Had a lot of different ideas on this one but went with the KISS mentality :)

Ahem...never use that Chancery font for body copy, sweetie. It is only good for titles. 
Just give that poem a title, put the title in Chancery and put the poem itself in Georgia Demi. 
Also...never use an outline font on a dark color. And whatever color you choose for the body copy (let's say white), use another light color for the title. That way it's obvious where the title ends and the poem begins.
The most important characteristic of copy in good graphic design is that it is immediately readable. :D
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ok contest is closed and ill set up the voting threa tommorow :P

Great entries

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Blizaga asked me to help post the Voting Thread as he is a bit occupied. In process of posting it now.