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In this competition, artists must follow all of the criteria provided by the creator.
[i'm going to start this up again based on the interest generated by my last post and the winner never made a new thread]
So here you go!

Your character must meet all of these:
character can be male or female
has to have powers it acquired from an animal [any animal]
has to have a background story [that you share] about how it gained the powers

He has to gain the powers...not be born with them...and he can look anyway you want! more human/more animal/crazy costume! anything!

other than those 3 rules you have free reign!!
Due Date: July 22 [two weeks from today!]
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I'll get on it!

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Anyone made any progress?

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Can this be a preexisting character that I've created or it has to be something new for the thread?

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Neat. I'll give it a try.

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I'll give it a try.....

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Hopefully I can get to this.

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@Press Oblivion said:
" Can this be a preexisting character that I've created or it has to be something new for the thread? "
as long as you created it you can post it! even if you created it a while ago!
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Does the power have to be gained and only that? Or do characters born in a lineage also count?

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@kitetsu said:
" Does the power have to be gained and only that? Or do characters born in a lineage also count? "
plus.... the character must look like human with animal abilities like spiderman
 or he can also have some external characteristics like sauron...?
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He has to gain the powers...not be born with them...and he can look anyway you want! more human/more animal/crazy costume! anything!

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I got a story for a character.... the drawing part, on another hand, that's a different thing.......

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i might enter....just got a scanner...hopefully i'll be trying some stuff.

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awesome edge!!!

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This is a character that I created when I was about 6. I revamped him for the contest, but kept most of his origin (He used to be a rip off of Stilt Man/Doctor Octopus....yeah okay stop laughing). Dr. Scott Coopenhagen was an entomologist of world reknown. He along with partner Dr. Pellio Vasquinn (a leader in the development of cybernetics)  created N.S.E.C.T. (The National Study of Entomology and Cybernetics Transfer). Their goal was to provide replacement limbs that used the mechanics of how insects operated using an exoskeleton to make the parts more durable. After a slew of lawsuits during the first trial runs where the equipment malfunctioned badly (The brain operating systems did not match so involuntary actions put the test subjects in peril.) the company was in financial despair.  The last prototype Coopenhagen had was the Daddy Longlegs suit. It generated solid light legs/arms from points on the body where the ampjewels were attatched. It was designed as a less bulky way for little people or the confined to access heights and reaches. He also donned the Arachnimask (a mask which allowed for 8 types of vision including: X-Ray, Telescopic, 360 degree, Infrared, Ultraviolet, Targeting, Shielded, and Regular vision.).  With his newfound abilities he stalked the night, plundering for his own schemes, he became Daddy Longlegs!  [Editor's Note: Okay, stop right there. Yes the character was named Daddy Longlegs, but I did research on the arachnid and found a new name....] He is The Harvestman! [Which sounds better at least...]

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So here is a someone i drew jokingly....... Batcat........ maybe...

terrible.. i know..
original.. maybe not...
awesome.. i think so..

Here is the second guy i sketched out ..
He's a police SWAT officer in the future where everyone is DNA splicing...
so hes a wolf ....... man...  with all the powers of a wolf.. and a man..
which gives him extra agility, speed, stamina, and some super senses....

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awesome so far! get all entries in by midnight tonight!!

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@OCDiva: I  believe my Time Zone is at least five hours ahead USA, so my entry should be valid.

So here it goes, I imagine in my mind a character and both FrischDVH and CuttingEdgeKomix being so cool and kind made me the personal favour of teaming up with myself by drawing the character for me. (I really don't know if team up and dobble summissions is allowed in the contest, so bear with me please)

Name: Jessica James AKA "Sea Star".

Background:  She doesn’t see herself as a "mask and tights" hero, but more like a guardian. She always felt connect to Sea in particular and to Nature in general. She treasures life itself, and made a secret oath to protect the Earth.

Real Live: A Lifeguard, a Sea Biologist Student and a Surfer.

Superhero life: She saves anybody she can in any time at all, but she's usually found on the coast side where she can give her very best. She's not a crime fighter but she will stop all illegal activities she can in the Sea. She usually gives her best in Natural Disasters, saving folks. She also films and photographs to expose illegal environmental activities - actually she does this last one a lot!

Personally traits: Kind yet perfectionist, insightful, ambivert, proud yet inspirational, strong minded and extremely argumentative - she doesn't try to "sell" her ideas, though. Stand to her believes to the ultimate consequences. Apologies if proven wrong, even though deep down she hates to apologize. Leads by example. Very complex.

Powers: Human-Starfish Hybrid DNA.

  • Super regeneration from physical damage - can regenerate something like a full arm!
  • Water breathing - through the skin;
  • Pigmentation change - changes her color, skin, hair, lips;
  • Super adhesiveness to superficies - walk on walls like Spiderman, even flat and wet ones;
  • Venomous skin - can cause swelling, nausea, vomiting and sometimes even temporary paralysis through touch. She can touch people without harming them though...

Weakness: She is more vulnerable to dehydration and toxics in her whereabouts than a regular human, due to her starfishlike biology.

Utilities: She uses a small girly backpack, to keep her gear: photographic camera, binoculars, a small O2 thank in case she has to rescue someone, a first aid kit, some cookies and a fresh water bottle and not much else, it depends on the mission.

She also carries a "throwing star"!

Starfish don't have normal eyes, therefore she don't have any special protection on the eyes, even though they are much more resistance to what than a normal human. Even so she sometimes wears small dive glasses, dark that don't allow us to see her cute eyes. That and changing her hair to blue helps her concealing her identity. She also changes her skin tone a little bit.

Powers Origins: One day she discovered some weird toxic wastes from a failed pharmacist lab test on the water, she tries to carry them out, the barrel opened, exposed to the content she blacks out, she was in contact with a starfish during the process ,then her DNA was mixed up with the animal's, the tide took her, she woke up on a back of a whale, returned home, soon discovered she didn't need her lungs to breath, while other weird and funny stuff happen to her while discovering her powers, she cut a bit of her skin, took a little bit of her blood and started to study it on her school lab..... the usual stuff.

I described Sea Star to FrischDVH and CuttingEdgeKomix and they both returned to me great pictures.

Each of them were really original because they didn't stick too much to my description and they took some great and very good looking artistic liberties. It's impossible to choose one - I mean I just loved the costume FrischDVH made and the details CuttingEdgeKomix  added, like the ankle bracelet (which I love!) and he even color the pictured!!

Thank you so much you two!




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there are still 2 hours left! just to give you an idea of the time but i'm not going to be too big on the time limit just enter!

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ive got one i just started hope to be finished by 12...

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ok here's mine. beatrice aka 'the sloth'.
background-she was, arguably still is, a self described nerd and a  rather unmotivated community college student addicted to computer mmo's (everquest 2 in particular...hey she does have a level 52 warlock, but i digress). after much chastising by her friends who accused her of being a shutin who would play computer games for hour after hour she agreed to do the one thing she feared most of all-she went outside. her friends being rather nerdy themselves took her to the zoo where unfortunately she was to become embroiled in a plot most sinister.

 it seems that the assistant animal handler had a grudge against the chick who took tickets at the zoo (she mocked him in front of co-workers when he said he liked american idol winner taylor hicks)and was going to scare her by letting loose a sloth in the ticket booth. things soon went awry and the sloth instead leaped out and bit beatrice as she was purchasing her ticket. she immediately assumed(from her reading of comic books) that the sloth was a mutant and she had inherited his powers. thus was born possibly the drowsiest villain in history-the sloth.

powers:yawns twice as much as normal people,can drink two big(24 oz) energy drinks without feeling any effect, says 'lol' on the phone, wears clothes she sleeps in constantly,has a yahoo email account that she doesn't use(she prefers gmail).
crimes:none yet altho she constantly says she is going to send a nasty email to the makers of 5 hour energy drink(she drank one and didn't really feel more energetic).

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Last minute sketch... hope Im on time... 

This is my pic... when I started it I wanted to look scary but he end up look funny...lol
Its a human transformed to a star nose mole... lol (amazing animal!!! very strange)
I call him the whisper cause he doesnt make any noise... Its a Mephisto experiment... he compound  an ex wrestler with a mole... to create a creature to serve him...
the purpose of his existence is one an only.... he is a chaos maker...
he can move undergound using his claws for digging so that  he  attack the enemy from below...
he can see in total darkness and he is enough strong... smth like rhino... 

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My Entry...

Having accidentally killed a white unicorn, Amelie Lee asked the Ancient Gods forgiveness but instead she was given a cursed to become White Sable - a half-woman and half-unicorn elemental being. Though bitter at first with the outcome, Amelie later learned to accept her fate. She became the protector of the forest that the white unicorn she killed as well as the other nearby forests.

The Ancients Gods were pleased to Amelie Lee that they freed her from her curse and gave her the unicorn's horn that she can used to revert back to White Sable.

As White Sable"
She has command with all earth elements even fire and air but has limited control over water.
She can communicate to both plants and animals.
She can  easily find the pure of heart and the innocent and able to make people regret their evil ways and even exorcise evil spirits.
She has immense speed and strength. She can cast illusions as well.

Her main weapons are the Hawk's Claw and the Cane Dagger though she can use her tail as giant whiplash against her foe.