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Here are the entries and their back-up stories. 
Who will be the long lost siblng of the Endless? 


The Endless are not yet aware of her existence as she was removed from their knowledge, having been created prior to Destiny and the rest of The Endless.  Her role is that she will be The One to detain all of The Endless when there will be an unnamed upheaval.  Even Destiny is unaware of this event.   
DETAINMENT's mouth is currently sewn shut and is filled with the blood of innocent mortals who have been slain by evil entities.  Her mouth is sewn shut to prevent her from accidentally speaking, which would both reveal her existence to her siblings, The Endless,  and also she'd spill the blood prematurely.  The blood is what grants her power.   
DETAINMENT will wrap chains about her siblings during the unnamed upheaval, as they will begin fighting amongst themselves as well as interfere with mortals.  Also Death will become powerless at this time and DETAINMENT will be the only one to control her, as no other entity can control Death.  Detainment's hold over Death will be temporary, however, as will be ordained.   
DETAINMENT has monitored and will continue to monitor The Endless' actions.  She resides on an Isle of Isolation away from all space and time.  She cannot be interfered.   
Destiny was the one who stumbled upon her existence, but Destiny has not been able to mention her existence nor act upon the knowledge.  As a result of the discovery,  Destiny is now blind and also cannot speak, as the unnamed upheaval is now set in motion.....     



(Daughter of Desire

de·bauch·ery ( dē bôc̸hər ē, di-)  
1. extreme indulgence in sensual pleasures; dissipation 
2. orgies 
3.(Archaic) seduction from morality





 Divinity related to holiness and angelic and otherworldy. 
Divine's birth and origin isn't exactly known, just that the blood of The Endless flows through his veins.  Divine can transcend each level of being and apear as who or what he wants.  Divine is cursed with blindness, only able to see when he uses his ability over divinity, also he retains any memories or emotions that are taken from another.  His mind is filled with thoughts of others and has driven him close to insanity.  Divine currently teaters on complete madness and burns himself with a cross to purify his soul, his body healing instantly.  He can alter a persons inner soul.   He exists as a neutral entity for divinity, so it is unsure of what holiness he will bring to ones soul.  He generally keeps his hands in his pockets since they are tainted with blood.  Divine's extreme reaction to use his skill on another is to go in through the person's eyes.
His pendant is of two snakes twisted around a vial that contains his soul to prevent it from being tainted by his actions.



The essence of what all life shares and has in common. Ditto's life however is plagued. For all the worlds in which the endless have seen, there is a negative of each, unknown to them and all beings, except Ditto. Ditto is trapped alone in these realms, the only being of existence. He has a direct connection to each of the endless, a connection they are not aware of and is like each of them in so many ways, but it is this combination of spirits and wills that makes him different. 

Ditto spends his time shifting through empty realms and worlds sharing the thoughts and memories of his siblings





 1. profound dedication; consecration. 
2. earnest attachment to a cause, person, etc. 
3. an assignment or appropriation to any purpose, cause, etc.
4. Often, devotions.  Ecclesiastical . religious observance or worship; a form of prayer or worship for special use.

In the beginning of Existence, before there could be Creation, Devotion was found in the void of nothing. It was through this force that Existence coerced Creation and brought about the 7 other siblings. Creation perceived Devotion as a mother figure, however Existence dictated otherwise. Feeling her influece was essential to all of its children, but dangerous if they were aware of her. Existence has kept her hidden from the others, and demanded that she maintain commitment from all, insuring their reasons for being.

She is hidden in a special place between conception and birth close enough to the living where she can nurture new followers of Destiny. Death is the only sibling to discover her when she was given the task of living. Unlike most at birth, Death remembered hers and her long lost sister who cared for her during the transition. She understands the importance of Devotion to Existence, and has kept their meetings to herself.     

 Crazy Pan

 Frank & Jeff (I baptized this character to be named "Agape" meaning brotherly love, just as to put in the abstract aspect of the character - iceprince_x)  
 hey're twin brothers actually chopped up and sewn into one and so there are two personalities and you never know which one you're gonna get. Frank is usually brighter and happy while Jeff tends to be emo and poopy pants. Neither of them like to wear clothes  
Voting Ends at December 26, 2010 
please do take in consideration to read their storylines... The Endless appeal is not just their visual presence but their background story as well which our creative artist really did so I salute, each and every entries. 
Merry Holidays people!!!
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Was a hard battle for me to decide wether Payno or EGod would get my vote but after thinking about it for a bit I think EGod will get it.

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Ima have to go with my hommie EGod and his sexy beast of a man drawing.

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Ditto & Devotion are two who struck me most... 
But I see the tragedy and concept of Ditto to be closest to me. (I guess, I can relate to his story line) 
MuadDiab gets my vote. 

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Hmm I like Crazy Pan's Agape, funny concept but also cool.

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@Omega-Man said:
" Hmm I like Crazy Pan's Agape, funny concept but also cool. "
You just say that because you love me ;)
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man, I just love the creativity that came out of this contest, very much in line with what character creation is all about. 
Enjoyed everything from everyone and to be really honest, my top two are completely equal in both story and beautiful renditions so although I'm gonna pick one I really gotta commend EGod and Decept-O on both getting an A+. 
I'm glad you put the extra effort in and pushed that second submission through. It really brought it visually in line with the great backstory you came up with.

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Oh my, my, my...these are some really stunning characters.  Going over the first post it's apparent you guys are just as gifted as writers as you are artists and it pains me to only choose one amongst so much talent...
I love them all but in the end I'll choose to give my vote to Tonis' Devotion.  I found her to be one of the more unique and I think the image and story are both very beautiful. : )

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Crazy Pan's concept is the one I liked the most so my vote goes for her. :)
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@sora_thekey said:

" Crazy Pan's concept is the one I liked the most so my vote goes for her. :) "

now now, you really mean her, don't make Jeff angry or you'll get half a poopy backslap before Frank can stop it. :) 
(sidenote, nice touch on the 'Agape' as well Ice - really liked that lyrical add-on to get it in sync)
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@tonis said:

" @sora_thekey said:

" Crazy Pan's concept is the one I liked the most so my vote goes for her:) "
now now, you really mean her, don't make Jeff angry or you'll get half a poopy backslap before Frank can stop it. :)  (sidenote, nice touch on the 'Agape' as well Ice - really liked that lyrical add-on to get it in sync) "
Crazy Pan is a she?!?! Wow... didn't know that. I'll fix it!
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I've always been a she! As far as I can tell! Unless I have a wee-wee and just didn't know it D:

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Im going to go with Crazy Pan for this one, I like the whole concept that's been given. Very intriguing to say the least. (not to mention the arts pretty damn good too :P)

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my vote goes to Egod I think

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Crazy Pan

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I'm gonna put my vote in for Tonis
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 MuadDiab gets my vote
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tonis, some of your best stuff man. 
so yeah.  

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   Crazy Pan
 Frank & Jeff / "Agape

The next contest starts when Crazy Pan starts it! 
Thanks for the support guys and a gal!
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