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With great excitement I present the Transportation Themed Hero Voting Thread (TTHVT, if you will). 
In the red corner we have Caligula, with his creation of Greg, the mighty and vengeful Bus Driver!

In the blue corner we have the fearsome, mysterious Taxi Driver, creation of CuttingEdgeKomix! 
The long running feud between bus and taxi drivers has reached it's climatic battle! Cast your votes for the preferred mode of transportation!
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Also note that since I'm going to be experiencing areas with questionable internet access for the next few days, I will allow the winner to seize his glorious victory and declare himself the champion at noon on June the 2nd! (Or whenever, just give people enough time to vote)

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So now it is tied. 
lets get some votes going here people.
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Caligula though CuttingEdgeKomix did a good version but there is something nasty in Caligula's character creation.

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I'm gonna go with Caligula on this one.

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Great job on the camera angle, I would be running for my life if I was a pedestrian. : )

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*honk honk* Caligula!

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Thought that I posted my vote but I guess the 500 error killed it.