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This is my first time ever hosting one of these,so I hope I'm doing it right.
For this contest,the goal will be creating your very own...
-Be original! 
-All entries should be submitted by the 30th. Judging will the 30th
Have fun!

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sweet kaiju rocks
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For some reason I think of the old black and white TV series called Monsters
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Name(s): Zeke (red) and Danny (green) 
Aliases: Chaos (zeke) and Havoc (Danny)  
Zeke and his younger brother Danny, were you average teenagers, 17 and 14 respectively. They were always doing well in school, Zeke was captain of the football team, and Danny was a music prodigy. their Mother and sole parent, (due to the fact that their father was a dead beat no show), was a struggling pianist who had to find someway to support her two children and give them the lives they deserved, became indebted to the mob. the debt grew and she couldn't pay. 
One summer day, Zeke came home from his lunch date with his girlfriend Katherine. Only to find his mother and brother dead, from gun-shot wounds to the head, he knew what had happened. He knew his mother was indebted to the Gregory Valentino Morona and his Mob. He also kne he wanted revenge, but he was no fool. he also knew Morona literally owned the military, and that their was no way for anyone, much less a 17 year old kid to get close enough to Morona to truly do anything to him. He began to cry out in anger, when Katherine who was standing amongst the bloody carnage with him, said "Zeke, my mother can, help but it will cost you" Zeke said I will give anything to bring them back and kill Morona for this. Katherine responded :if that is truly your desire then come with me". 
Zeke followed Katherine home, Katherine's Mother, Veronica was a voodoo priestess. Veronica spoke to the boy solemly, "Revenge is an expansive thing my child, are you willing to pay the price", with tears streaming down his face he gave a nod, and with that nod he sealed his fate. "I will now summon, the mighty demon Damballa" replied Veronica. 
Damballa appeared shrouded in mist, he looked as if he were merely a man, a tall handsome black man, with a chicken bone necklace strung around his thick stong neck. he voice rolled inside Zeke's ears like thunder, "what is it you ask of me, the mighty Damballa?". "I want my family back, and I want the power to take revenge upon their killer Gregory Marona" Zeke spoke fearlessly to the demon. "Ha, I will not give you back both of your family members, you may choose only one" retorted Damballa. "if it can be only one then I choose my brother Danny" Zeke answered. "very well  shall grant you and thine brother life and the power of the demon kingdom, but in return I ask for your everlasting soul, Zeke of earth!". after a moment of hesitation Zeke replied "then it is yours". "your wish has been granted, child. to summon the demonic power, you and your brother need only speak my name". 
and from that moment forth, Zeke and his revived brother had the power to transform into giant hulking demons.
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@Caligula: Nice! Really dig the story.
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Got the concept need an artist...

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@Argentino_18: I could do it!
@Caligula: Nice backstory! Great art! 

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thanks :D
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Alright,I'm going to extend the contest a little a bit.
Judging will be on the 23rd people!

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Only one entry?

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I was going to do ti with Sora but the electricty of his house crashed and he couldnt draw it...

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@Argentino_18: Oh,that sucks.
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Well,I guess I'm extending the contest until some more entries join in.

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I'll post mine today.