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 Sorry for placing this on the wrong board. My bad, I was so excited doing all the match-up of art and its story :-P
 Anyway, here are the cool entries for the Character Creation#16 Bounty Hunters


Name: Akira Kerosev 
Alias/es: The Roulette Wheel of Death, Fate's Messenger, Hell's Samurai, Attonement. 
Sex: Unknown 
Age: Unknown 
Height: 5'8 
Weight: 99 lbs 
Akira Kerozev, was raised one in the Bulshevok/Kurosawa Academy (BKA), a russian/asian training program, that takes Orphans and Homeless and removes all reproductive organs, as well as Speech organs. To raise the Silent Killing machines known as the Messengers. The Messengers are secrective group assigned to assinate the worlds policical leaders, in the 2045 they suceeded. but the Messengers turned upon the BKA in brutal and bloody war. Anyone associated with the BKA was completely annihilated by the monsters they created. 
however all of the Messengers soon died afterwards, for they knew nothing of how much their own survival relied upon the survival of the BKA, the BKA's computer system Alicia, activated all of the Messengers secretly programmed self termination brainwashing codes, All of the messengers took their own lives. except Kerosev who ignore the sucide protocol. 
Kerosev now works as a hired gun for "Tommy - Two Tone - Jones" in Junko City, aka "the City of Bullets"


Name:Royston (no last name given publicly...)
Age:90 (half elves generally live to be 200 or so)
race:half elf/half human :D
- background-
Royston is a rather mysterious fellow who during the wars with the orcs(this was about the time of the siege of the great castle Lillen) worked with the notorious and much feared third section. the third section are the ruthless  keepers of order within the military and civil society writ large. during one of these campaigns...a still unspoken incident occured and Royston left the third section(with a bit of haste, as three other third section members lay dead by his sword). now officially 'off the resevervation'  Royston has had to flee the great cities of the elven queen and now wanders the outlands(human territory, with a great mix of races from all over the realm). head kept low and head shaved he now does contract work as a bounty hunter or assassin, whatever is needed. he isn't an antihero, frankly his motivations are mercenary at best and criminal probably. at any rate on his various escapades he will enlist the talents of  different rogues and lost souls to pull off jobs or contracts-this has now found him keeping company with the female druid sadness(nicknamed thus because of the tears tattoes under her eyes running down her cheeks).

BoOm BoOm PoW & DoN`t_KrAnQ_jUsT_pSyChOo

Delila (by  DoN`t_KrAnQ_jUsT_pSyChOo  )       Terisa (by me BoOm BoOm PoW)
Name: Delila                                                             Name: Terisa 
Age : 17                                                                       Age: 15
Character type : Witch                                              Charakter type : Half witch half human 
Gender : Female                                                       Gender : Female 
Their Story:
Terisa was a normal child living with her parents.But in one night she heard a scream.She ran into the room of their parents and saw them lying dead on the floor. Orphan at the age of 5 she went to live with her older sister .Terisa was a timid and gloomy child while her sister was cheerfullnes in person. She was intrigued by her sister work, and how she could manage to work  and study at the same time. 
She tried to follow her sister when she was 13 and she lost her track when her sister entered an alley. The mystery was growing 
bigger, and Terisa was growing her obsesion to find out where the heck was her sister working.  
When she was about to reach 15, strange things started to happen around her, things fall without anybody pushing them, the cats started to be attracted to her, and other weird things.When her 15th birthday arrived , a girl at the age of 17 came to the school and said that  her sister is dead and that she has to come with her if she wanted to know why they killed her parents.They ran out of the school and went to the alley where Terisas older sister went before.The girl introduced herself as her cousin delila and explained her that they descended from a familly of witches . At first Terisa didn`t believe her but then they where atacked by a demon .Delila killed the demon with her powers while Terisa was shocked .
Delila told her that it`s their destiny to send demons and monsters on earth back to hell and that she  would be ready to help her taking payback on the demons wich killed her parents and her sister.  


 Name: Hafidh (real name: unknown)
Age: 23
Born: December 15,2054

Story: Not much is known about the man who has taken the name "Hafidh". The only details that were gathered about his past was that we was born during the Great Third War and was raised in a small town outside of Niger. He was the fourth out of six children and his parents worked with the war's relief efforts stationed throughout Africa. When the war reached Africa, lines were drawn and the country became a major battle front for the world's armies to converge upon. During a skirmish between opposing sides, "Hafidh's" town was ravaged and the people massacared. Though a few groups of people managed to escape, Hafidh's family did not. By the time this had happened he was already seven years old. It was then that he joined on with a small resistance movement that banded against all participants in the war. He recieved intense training and harsher truths as the world suddenly became clearer to him the more he fought in this hellish war. Ten years later, he became captain of his own minitature squadron and led many succseful raids on enemy camps and bases, and it was through one of these raids where he discovered something that would ultimatley change the course of his life and our future. 
April 22,2077. 
Hafidh takes his squad into an enemy base to take supplies and to reduce enemy troop count. While on the verge of the squads' success, a notice is made upon a large facility containing hi-tech equipment and various generators powering one massive orb-like structure. As the team is about to ransack the laboratory, they're ambushed by an elite group reserved for front-line combat. During the skirmish, the orb-like structure is somehow activated and begins to overload. As it sucks in various pieces of the lab, Hafidh can only assume that this device is some sort of massive teleporter and was created to move enemy troops and artillery. As Hafidh aims his weapon upon the device to fire, he begins to be pulled into the teleporter! As he tries to resist the pull, various generators continue to be sucked into the device and create various reactions. Now whether or not the equipment had influence in the following event, or even if the device itself was actually a time machine isn't exactly known. But through whatever reason, Hafidh was sent back to our time. 
April 22,2009.
Hafidh wakes from his ordeal and takes a look around him. He isn't in an advanced laboratory anymore,nor are his allies there fighting for their lives.It is just Hafidh, various chunks of equipment, and a hard sun upon his war-torn gear. At first Hafidh can only curse his fate as he wonders where he could've landed...but then his self-loathing turns into self-revelation when he begins to realize not "where" he is, but when. He finds this as an opportunity to change everything in his nightmare-ish future and make it all right. He begins to take what he can of the equipment and head into the nearest town. In secret, he constructs new body armor with what he's salvaged from the "journey" and creates a new identity for himself. It is at this time he takes the title "Hafidh" (meaning Preserver in Swahili) and begins his one-man war against the catalysts of his future. He works as a bounty hunter and takes jobs that land him the heads of those who would bring the Great Third War.


Well, his name is Firepower. 
1. Heat generation ( upto 10,000 degrees centigrade ) 
2. Flame Manipulation to create solid constructs ( Much like Effigy ) 
3. Flight 
4. "Inverse Flame"     


A.D. 2680, Earth-Mars bi-planetary system. 
Earth-Mars Bi-planetary system
Robots and Mechanoids had advanced to such a peak of technological development that they felt they would no longer need human beings to direct them. This happened during A.D. 2610, when Earth and Mars were joned together to create a better and more environmentally stable planetary system. Within a span of seventy years, Mankind was reduced to the same level as the most primitive beings. Robots now hunted the remaining humans, those which were not killed in the "Fourth World War" of A.D. 2660. They took these human beings to their labs, performing weird experiments on them, most of which proved fatal for the subjects. But few survived. These survivors allied together and vowed to erase their betraying servants from the surface of the planetary system.  
One such man is Firepower. Possessing amazing powers as a result of the experiments, he joins his friends to fight off the robots. Living in ruined buildings, always on the move, erasing the last trace of humanity from his mind, he is a veritable arsenal.

Concept: Inverse Flame 

Well, this "inverse flame" is a rather new concept I am developing. When he extends his energy aura to manipulate the flames in this mode, the flames actually turn upside down, even while he is standing in one place. This form generates more heat than usual, but also takes much amount of energy to be generated. Once started, it can be used to form sharp blades and other powerful weapons. 
It looks something like this: 



Real Name: Unkown 
Abilities: All kinds of fire power 
As rumors say this bounty hunter gets the job done, basically because it is all machine. There's someone controlling it and the only way to contact this person is by sending an e-mail. Your Name and The Job are included in the e-mail and as a response all you get is the amount the job will cost you from an untracable e-mail account.
Not much is known about the bounty hunter's handler, the only thing is that the person hides from what he/she considers "the real world". 
(obviously it's a woman)
Please read each of these Bounty Hunter's profile and story, it actually adds to the charm of each character. Thank you very much and congratulations to all the artist for making your characters for this thread :-)
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