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I'm really pleased with all of the entries.. I think we really got to see a lot of creativity here..
The names of the artist will be over their character.




Octagon Freak

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my vote is for EGoD

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Sora_thekey's. Very creative!

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wow some great creativity here...had to go with OC Diva on this one...love that sketch

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yuenish_leshathe is my pick

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EGoD...was very close to vote for Yuenish Leshathe or OCDiva.

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Ahhhh this is so hard... all of them are so good....

EGoD.... Nice Job long time I haven't seen your art!

OCDiva.... Your's is a piece of art!
Yuenish.... Love it!

These three are my favorites but because I think I'm going to go with EGoD!

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EGoD gets my vote!

but OCDiva gets my second and Yuenish my third.

But over-all, everything looks great in this competition! Well done to everyone!

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im tron between selkirk and egod

but my vote is for egod the colors are awesome.....selkirk so close

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Gotta go with Egod. OCDiva's also very cool.

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though I love OC's and 
Sora's too..:))

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11 votes for egod id say hes the clear winner

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Congrats EGoD!

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Comic Crazy

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Alright. Congrats EGoD! and some very nice entries from everyone!
While I was away this weekend.. I came back to see EGoD sent me a private message saying he would be away for about a week.. So I am going to be the one to make the next contest using what EGoD told me..
So I hope everyone will come back for Character Creation Contest #2!
I loved the wide range of entries received in #1!