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Alright this round the artists in the Show-off forum were tasked with creating a 90's styled hero/anti-hero/villain. We got some x-treme competition this round. Obviously these guys have origins shrouded in mystery and laziness. We may never know whats in those pouches or what those armbands do but dammit they look like they can kick some ass. Surely their first appearances will skyrocket in value....

The entrants (artist name is below their entry):


@axel2396's Death Rain
@bennyq's Death Kyll
@patzello's Hard Hawk

@redscare's DeathCrash

Apologies for a couple medium sized images, the image server is being lame and not allowing large versions of these for whatever reason.

Voting will go until Wednesday Oct30 10pm PST. Anyone can vote. Winner gets the reigning champ crown and posts the next contest.

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Truth be known I had a real difficult time deciding which one to vote for here. All are great!

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Good luck everyone. :)

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axel2396 :)

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Was hoping a tie breaking vote would wander in but looks like it'll have to be me. My votes going to @redscare, though axel's is awesome as well. Congrats redscare on the win, the next character creation contest is yours.

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Wow, thanks for the votes everyone!

Next contest is already up... hope you like it as much as this one!