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Alright Mrnoitaull has been awol for a while, I PMed him but doesn't look like a contest ever got up and running. So to keep this series alive, here's the 71st challenge thread...

Create a 90's throwback superhero/villain/antihero, someone that would fit right in with some of these guys. 2 week deadline- Monday Oct 28th voting starts so get those entries in on time. Anyone and everyone is welcome to enter.

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is it fine?

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oh, why not.

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Darkhawk seems so random in this group.

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Yeah sorry about that @shatterstar , I'll do better though.

I'll also participate in this awesomeness.

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i grew up in the 90's, i just would have to dust off some of my old characters and I should have some cool entries lol

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maybe i'll do a cover with all of the submissions. (thinks about it)

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There's a plethora of tropes to choose from but Darkhawk was a big deal for a brief period in the early 90s, armor on everyone became a thing.

Bonus points if the character's name has any combination or at least two of these words:



Nice entries wildcat & artiom both the sort of stereotypical strong dudes of whatever team they're on, both with seemingly pointless bands on their appendages.

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Death Rain :D

Thats my entry, may add colors to it later if i had enough time :)

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Sorry for the quick and nasty effort today.

Presenting... Death Kyll!

Hiding the feet was a tactic that some artists used in the 90's, as was adding a pointless "Y" to a character's name.

Side note: My band in highschool had a mock powermetal song called Death Kill.

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Oh, I have to try something for this.

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This was a good topic but it's also the worst topic. I made a check list for my drawing and kept to it. Shoulder Pads? Check. Missing foot? Check. Large, nondescript rectangular gun? Yep. Weird safety cone shaped boot? Yep again. Ponytail, Cable-esque arm, a weird looking communications tower earpiece, random spikes, energy power, random bandage with ribbons, bland costume, strapped gun on back, face tattoo... all yes... and I like my draw but I also really don't at the same time. :) Heck, I even draw a tattered paper around my sig stamp in the corner.

Thank the gods the 90's are gone... bad time for comics...

DEATHCRASH takes posing to the EXTREME!!!

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Oh man! These are AMAZING! I love Death Kyll (even my pouches have pouches!) and DeathCrash!!!! LOL

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Sorry for the smudgy. I just saw this today and had to throw something together.

No nose, mowhawks, chains and punk.

I shall call him Hard Hawk.