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Okdoke so here comes the next character creation contest.

The theme being new mutants, now I'm aware that theres has already been a contest where the task was to create a new xman, but with the whole AvX consequences and mutants coming back as a species i felt it would be in good taste to get creative.

So yes, the task to is to create an original new mutant who has appeared somewhere on the planet. They could be a member of any Mutant affiliated group or just a loner sort. Conditions are to give a brief description of their mutation and if you wish a back story etc :D


End date will be 29th of May 12:00 gmt

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Paul's condition is a result of his mutant powers but even in the womb he was dreaming up the propulsion chair that would take him through life. Through a telekinetic link to his mother, Paul instructed her how to build it while in utero! Now at 30 he is an unparallelled scientific genius and also one of the leading mutant reformers in America.

Powers: Paul's body is nearly useless because his mind is the most advanced organic brain ever produced by Earth. He has the ability to elevate the intelligence of other human brains. He uses the minds of others to speed the progress of mankind. As a result Paul has many enemies so he has equipped his chair with an array of defensive weaponry!

I'm sure people will say he's too much like Professor X but Paul can't actually do much for himself or use his version of telekinesis to do what Xavier does. He can only unshackle other minds and give them the ability to create his incredible machines and unlock their own potential.

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@weenman1: nice idea, the design is brilliant. Also love the power you gave him, something i havnt seen in comics yet :D

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@weenman1: Yeah that is awesome. Really love the story too

You plan on coloring it?

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@joewell: thanks! If I have the time I may add colors!

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Deathgeld is a ninja with the portal to another dimension located within his chest. He can release the radiation emitted from the barrier through the symbol on his chest or through two onyx-encased swords embedded with conductive nanocircuitry. Unfortunately he also has to live with the voices of 12 million souls from another realm in his head whenever he uses his power. He MUST use that power however, or it will consume him from within.

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@seathdroke: Please get me some onyx-encased swords embedded with conductive nanocircuitry!

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inkkid is a mutant that made from ink he doesn't age he can travel inside the books.

inkkind says: "like the history books... i am immortal...".

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Don't think ill have time to finish this one so quickly slapped some colours on my initial sketch, just to give you guys a bit of an idea. If I get sometime before end date I'll see if I can polish him off.
Anyway some info:

He has the ability to trigger secondary mutations in any mutant (assuming they haven't already had a secondary mutation) he touches. However, these mutations are limited by time, reverting back to the previous mutation afterwards. He can also trigger primary mutation in those with a dormant mutant x gene, but again will revert back after time limit has elapsed. As such he is an incredibly useful mutant to have around during battle.

He is not particularly skilled in hand-to-hand combat so his suit sports the latest in force field generation technology, allowing him to be present in battles where his particular power set may be useful.

Due to the potential for his power set to be abused this mutant does not have a code name nor is his true identity known by many, allowing him to stay off the radar of many of the x-men's foes.

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gonna extend this 2 more days :D

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I can totally see how your character would need to be shrouded in secrecy considering his power-set. Having him paired up with a powerhouse (like Colossus) would make sense or maybe even a teleporter like Pixie to get him to team-mates and igniting any secondary mutation they may have.


You can do sooooo much with this character! Even in a "breaking the fourth wall" kinda way by jumping into different comic books!


Your character must feel so alone despite the millions of minds he is trapped with -- that he needs to use his powers to not have them consume him gives him some real angst.


I really love the idea that he himself is unable to create, only others although directly due to him. Very different, very cool.

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sorry for the delay, kept forgettin to end this, voting thread will be up soon

Contest is now closed!!!! :D