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This contest challenge will be to create a visibly cybernetic being either hero or villain, contest deadline is March 8th, best of luck to everyone who enters!

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I call him Cyber-Ned

Ned Salsbury, lost his right arm and his legs below his knees when a mad man decided he was a villain from old black and white movies tied him up to train tracks.

While Ned did manage to free himself, he wasn't fast enough to save his limbs. His attempt were spotted by Dr. Markovich who cauterized his wounds and took him to the hospital where he was saved. When Ned recovered he teamed up with Dr. Markovich to build the cybernetic implants that he slowly and steadily got people like the tinkerer to keep modifying and weaponizing.

Ok I havn't relly thought this through, I'm dead tired and I'm experimenting with my new wacom tablet. I hope you guys like this. I drew it entirely on the tablet and I know I'm screwing up quite a bit here but I haven't been practicing. Any and all advice welcome.


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@Om4zd: That's really good! Love the shading!

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The 1/2 Man: Once he was a mighty hero until his greatest foe left half his body deformed. Now with his new containment suit and cybernetic arm he continues to fight for justice in a world devoid of color.

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Eek!! Only 2 days left on this!! I better get busy!

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(Apologies for the rushedness of it, had to do half of it on the train and with a pouding migraine -_-')

"The Corps own all. They own your body, your air, your very soul. When you die, the Corps collect whats left, and do as they wish. In another future, another world, another earth spins oh so similarly to ours. But it is very, very different. Racial intolerance at a high between Orc, man. Troll, Dwarf and Elf, Deidre Turan, a single mother, former Soldier and current Security Chief at one of the Corps, died whilst trying to stop her Daughter Deliah's kidnapping, and subjsequently selling into the sex trade. Her life may have ended, but her job did not. Revived through technology both fantastic and some say, magical, Deidre walks again. As she struggles to regain whats left of her human nature, being sent to assasinate amongst other missions on behalf of the Corps that owns her, she tries to track down both her Daughter, and her Murderer and his lobe single calling card, a Jack of Hearts card.

Decrypt (the riddle)

Deceive (my captors)

Destroy (my shackles)

Dehumanize (my enemies)

This unit is DEIDRE7 (AND I. AM. ALIVE!)"

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Here's my entry, this is Charles Woodward, who was born without any arms. He lived his life as best as a no-armed man could till an opportunity arose when he was 24 from a large medical research lab called, Fisk Laboratories, who had been the leading force in nanotechnology in the world. Their offer was simple they give Charles what he always wanted in return he works for them for 2 years. Little did Charles know the sinister agenda Fisk Laboratories had for him...After Charles arms were regrown with nano-tech he notices the nanites that grew his arms were beginning to spread throughout his body and his thoughts began to be drawn to a collective of thoughts demanding his obedience for the future. Charles being the headstrong man he was decided to fight back with the precious time left he had control of himself to punish the ones who cursed him, turning him into their weapon to shape the world as Fisk Laboratories saw fit...hell hath no fury like a man with nothing left to lose...

also awesome pic

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The enhancements made this one a little crazy and all the more dangerous. I call her Beta-29, and she was once a test subject. Now she is a weapon of mass destruction.

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Captain Cody of Galaxy Patrol was in a debilitating accident while saving passengers on a space yacht that was caught in the shockwave of a supernova. His new cybernetic arms can harness the plasma energy in space, which he can discharge as powerful energy blasts. His mission- to hunt down all the pirates that caused the star to explode!

I didn't have a chance to colorize this- I will in the future though.

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@lostskies: What a fantastic design!

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@lostskies: love the arms on this

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@Boxinbeard: Its over now right? wheres the voting thread?

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i was very busy today, just posted the voting thread

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Thanks and . Lovin' what you guys did- and everyone elses stuff. Good job!

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Really nice work man! Great detaiIs, that face lookin familiar, I seem to have seen it before... :P

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@RamsIllustrations: I tend to put mustaches on alot of my characters- es muy macho! :D