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I always wondered what would happen if artists actually sketched a Vine RPG, there is a work in progress myself, Redeemer, Araknis, Cly, Mr. Happy and a few others are involved in called Operation Extermination, and a ton of other RPGs on the Vine that I and many others would love to see an artist put to paper. So how bout it? Will the artists of CV try to bring life to the RPG threads?

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Neat idea, but I don't thin that many will catch onto it unfortunately with the lack of time and effort most have.

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Unfortunately true, too bad it would be sweet if an artist drew some random RPG that caught his or her eye

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I've actually thought about it but came across the problem of what CV heroes and villains actually look like. What would be be more do-able is having an artist do a "Front Cover" of the RPG to go along with the intro and some "splash pages" of RPGer-voted turning points or pivotal moments.

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It's a cool idea, but I don't think that enough people could provide an accurate description of their characters in a timely fashion.

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count me in as a writer, though i need to hone my skills a lot more writing on english, i'd take my chances.

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I think this is a great idea

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know its been a while, but i wonder if anythings happend on this end. it does sound like a neat idea though... push for it.