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Yet another Batman rogue. Hope ya like!

I used a picture of Charlize Theron for reference, and the costume is from Arkham City.

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Arkham City is definitely my favorite catwoman version so good choice and nice artwork!

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Very nice.

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@ArturoCalaKayVee: @Billy Batson: Thanks guys

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Catwomans getting a lotta love today, another sweet piece of hers. As I move around my monitor and look at it from different angles I see hints of details in the black, it's almost like a hologram :)

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Love the use of Dark here.

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@tonis: @ReVamp: Thanks a lot, dudes

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@ReVamp said:

Love the use of Dark here.

I agree... Very in character!

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@sora_thekey: @The Dark Huntress: Much appreciated :)

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I'm not sure how I feel about this. I know what you're doing with the shadowing, but I feel almost like it's taking away from the picture somehow. There's a part of my brain that only sees half a headshot for such a big picture.

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gorgeous rendition of selena

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very nice!

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Great work man, I really love the use of chiaroscuro here, great contrast! and great willingness to experiment and be risky! Awesome **smile** 

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@VagrantSaint: Thank you for your input. I'll admit, the finished work wasn't originally supposed to be this dark, but I figured that it worked well enough for the character. I do understand what you mean though.

@IcePrince_X: @Rasarima: @SC: Thanks guys :)