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If you can guess who it's gonna be, I think I've done a pretty good job so far. Thing is, his left bicep is killing me. It's so damn annoying. Anyway, I just felt like showing off my progress.

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Was gonna say Uub as well

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Yeah, first two guesses were correct. Anyway, I'm gonna try to fix that bicep, and once I do, the rest of him should be a piece of cake.

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Uub cause of the jacket :}

without it I would have thought Daken lol

looks pretty cool

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Anyway, this may turn out a little wacky since this is my first time drawing a character with....hair. >_> I, myself, don't see a problem with the way I drew the hair. But if you see any hiccups in the art with the progress I've done so far, besides that dreaded bicep I've mentioned earlier, please point them out.