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So im not much of an artist (at all) but i got bored and im always creating superheros in my head so i decide to draw one out, then i thought what would be better then Comicvine for an opinion. This guy is called Sol. so tell me what you think...be gentle lol
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@D_Pooly: I like it, like the colors and costume design. Did you use a picture for reference? It is always nice to see new work.

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Firstly, I love the name. Very fitting.

Secondly, I think the colors and design match his theme well. I also personally like his two piece cape. That's something you rarely see and is just a bonus in making your character that much more unique. ^^

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@D_Pooly: cool
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Everything looks good....except that cape.

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very cool.

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The image is guite okay. :)


I`m pretty sure he did.

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Well seeing the art quote from superman to your superhero, its a good start. 
May i suggest something? As I suggest to my students, learn to trace first in big shapes of circles and oblongs with basic line works inside to get the basic form and shape then slowly put in the details. This will create better proportion for you work. 
Keep it up and just enjoy this talent of yours that I hope becomes one of your hobby.

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@D_Pooly: I agree with Feather, the name is very cool and cheers to plucking heroes from the head onto paper :)

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Nice but I'd be careful with the crotch. 


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@kfhrfdu_89_76k: Its OK he did and nothing wrong with using an image or photo for reference. It is obvious he did NOT trace it, but then again its his call not mine, just something I don't do ( tracing). He told me he is starting out and it is always a challenge to come up with decent artwork, let alone for complete strangers to see in a public setting such as Comic Vine. I like the job he did, the colors and costume design.

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@kfhrfdu_89_76k: ya i used that picture to refrence a pose i can imagin something like this but putting mental images onto paper isant my stong suit  but just to be clear i dont trace i find it dishonest and unfulfilling
@Billy Batson: Ya i know lol only reason it looks odd is cuz i dont shadow very well (not really at all) so its kinda awkward looking lol
Thank you all of ya glad to see yall like it
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Very nice! I really enjoy the look of his outfit!