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Did this one a while ago back when I first read the Elegy arc in Detective Comics. I was inspired by that house party scene where Kate wore a tux (not that I mind the tux).

What do you guys think?

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Interesting design, like how you incorporated the bat symbol to her dress, very original and ruffles on the gown part is extremely regal, like at sorta style. Have you been reading the current batwoman series, its bloody incredible but elegy is where i started reading her as well :D

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I love it, IloveitIloveitIloveitIloveit, can you tell that I love it?

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I love the design:)

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@Blizaga101: I actually first encountered her while reading 52, but Renee Montoya sorta took the spotlight from her back then.

@Joygirl: @Mesamia: Thanks. This was actually my first venture into redesigning a costume, I mostly stick with drawing characters as they are.

This is some good encouragement to try it again. :)