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Looks like Keroga is out, so i'll go ahead and start the vote. Voting will go until noon Thursday PST, anyone can vote so please do. Winner gets to start the next battle thread.

The entrants (names appear below their entry):


Good luck to all the entrants.

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I like them all a lot, but this is the best piece I've seen from Keroga. I have to vote for Keroga.

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KEROGA killed it on this one, multiple characters, action poses, cars,guns, debris in the alley, from perspective to adding elements to the image to give it more detail like the ripped poster, really stepped it up on this!

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Going with Keroga as well, best work i've seen in a contest for him.

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Have to go with Keroga

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Alright voting is up and votes are in, way to go @keroga, congrats on the win.

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Voting didn't last long on this one.

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