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Sentinels vs Duck Tales

Both have been cartoons so I'm hoping there will be some sort of cohesion in the drawing styles.

I'm pretty sure that if there were duck people in the X-Men Universe they would be selected for extinction by Bolivar Trask.

Feel free to use as many members of duck society as you want and Sentinels for that matter.

Deadline is August 28.

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oh the obscurity lol. not sure if ill have time to do this but all I can picture is a terminator type apocalypse. hope to see some good stuff. DUCK TALES WOO HOO!

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@bennyq said:

Ha ha ha Sentinels don't stand a chance

I would love to see Gizmo Duck Vs a Sentinel also

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@ace_thunder: Hey mate your story's really interesting. I'm sorry, I'm not up with my Duck Tales knowledge though, I didn't even know who the Masked Mallard was! I do like the idea of a Disney's World's Finest though. We're you thinking of this as a couple of pages or what?

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Darkwing Duck GizmoDuck VS SENTINEL

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Sorry with the late response Buddy. I got flagged for asking if Batman was gay and Man did the fanboys get butthurt over that one. I guess some guys only come on CV to find an excuse to be annoyed and miserable with life. See for yourself if you need a good laugh:


Of course they locked the thread cause guys who pick fights on here are those most sensitive and run crying to moderators when their feeling are hurt.

Anyway here are the bullet points for my Ducktales Darkwing crossover.

- Fenton dies saving Webbie from Negaduck.

- Khan makes a pass at Rebcecca. Baloo's not thrilled.

- McDuck in seclusion with Gyro enhances utlities

- Negaduck learns Launchpad was McDuck's pilot. Gets his own.

- Darkwing loses his but gets another.

- Baloo helps take down Khan and Negaduck.

- McDuck helps Rebecaca buy out Shere Khan

- She moves the company to St Canard.

- Baloo becomes Darkwing's new sidekick.

- Launchpad becomes DuckBurgh's new hero.

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@ace_thunder: off topic but at least its about the characters that are part of the contest.

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@ordinary said:

@ace_thunder: off topic but at least its about the characters that are part of the contest.

Did you change the name of the thread to have voting on it? Not sure people noticed that (obviously no votes posted).

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@shatterstar: I did. I wanted to add a poll but not sure how.

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Can't wait for this battle to be over. I vote keroga