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Poll: Battle Contest #53 Voting Thread (16 votes)

Geemics 6%
Seathdroke 0%
momarkey313 6%
IcePrinceX 19%
artiom1q2w 13%
majinhulk1 38%
Dbennett6684 6%
V_Scarlotte_Rose 13%

Alright we had a ton of entrants for this one, thanks to all the artists that took the time.

The challenge was to have any characters that have been in a movie battle each other.

Vote for your favorite, voting ends Sunday midnight PST, top vote getter wins the contest and starts the next thread.

Here are the entrants in order of entry (artist's name appear above their work):

@geemics' KickAss vs Robin

@seathdroke's Cyborg Superman vs Mr. Fantastic

@momarkey313's Thor vs Superman

@iceprince_x's Dr. Manhattan vs Phoenix

@artiom1q2w's Constantine vs Daredevil

@keroga's Big Daddy (Nic Cage) VS Green Hornet& Kato (Seth Rogen) , Green Lantern (Ryan Reynolds) VS Iron Man3 (Mark 42) , The Shadow (Alec Baldwin) VS The Phantom (Billy Zane)

@majinhulk1's the flash vs hancock, spawn vs green lantern, thor vs black adam, wonder woman vs the spirit?, captain America vs batman, hulk vs superman, the phantom vs kickass, and the wasp vs howard the duck!

@dbennett6684's Hulk vs Superman

@v_scarlotte_rose's battle of the Banes

Good luck to the entrants & have a good weekend.

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Wow, someone actually voted for me. O_O

Good luck everyone. :)

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Congrats @majinhulk1 on the battle win with 40% of the vote by the time voting closed.

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thanks everybody, ill try to get the next one going soon. I thought this one was great. a lot of really cool stuff this time around.

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That Constantine vs. Daredevil pic is awesome.