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Poll: Battle Contest #52 Voting Thread (17 votes)

russellmania77 0%
artiom1q2w 12%
Geemics 6%
V_Scarlotte_Rose 24%
momarkey313 47%

Alright majin asked for some help creating a voting thread so here goes. The battle is Judge Dredd vs the Punisher. Voting will go until noon Friday the 17th. Artist's names appear below their submission. Winner with the most votes starts the 53rd Battle Contest.







Good luck & thanks to all the artists for entering!

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I thank you sir.

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This was tough! Well done everyone :D

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Alright gonna go ahead and call it for the winner, and new battle contest champ @momarkey313 congrats!

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thank you, and thank you to everyone that voted! I will post the next challenge soon!

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