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Inspired by All New X-Men, take an X-man, any X-man, and pit them against a version of themselves from the future or past. Feel free to take a character's current iteration and have them fight your own version of them in the future (bonus points for explaining your design).

Deadline is December 23 at 6:00 pm.

Please Pin! (and Thanks!)

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ooh, im digging this idea very original :P

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@Dbennett6684: Interesting idea to say the least.

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- I think this is going to be great. To clarify though, is something like X-Force from the early 90's VS the present X-Force suitable or are you looking more strictly for character VS another time period of the same character? Presently that's my idea, but I want to make sure that's cool before I real lay into it...

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That's a cool idea redscare-I like that. If you want to do something like that you absolutely have my blessing! That'll be a heck of a battle!

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My take...

Psylocke vs Psylocke

(I really miss my scanner! Taking pictures of drawings are not so fun)

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Good stuff iceprince!

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thanks Dbennett6684 :-)

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gonna bump this one to dec 27 for any last minute entries

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Namor vs NAMOR & XMAN vs Cable (there the same person right?)
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@bennyq: Ha ha ha ha nice!

@IcePrince_X: That's really good, I miss big hair Psylocke

@KEROGA: Double team action!!

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@KEROGA: I'm sorry to say... they are not the same person. Great piece either way.

@IcePrince_X: Beautiful as always!

@bennyq: LOL!

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Sora is sort of right and sort of wrong about X-man and Cable being the same parson. They are both the son of Scott Summers. Yet Cable is the future son of Cyclopse and Madilyn Pryor of this earth who returned to the past from his future He is called Nate Dayspring Summers he even has a clone in this reality called Stryfe. X man is from the Age Of Apocylpse Universe and is the artificial child of that earth's Jean Grey and Scott Summers Known as Nate Grey, he was created by the Mister Sinnister of that reality. So it's more like they are almost alternate reality versions of each other (not exactly the same) yet not quite since they sort of had diffrent mothers (even though Madilyn Pryor is a clone of Jean Grey). A bit of a confusing explination I realize, don't blame me though since both of them are marvel characters.