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Rockfall had me cracking up and Redscare has the Battle Royale but **ZZoMBiE13** aced it for me with the Horror theme! Close call!

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I vote for zombies piece, most impressive outta the lot in my opinion ,but redscare's is epical and was a close second for me

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Love Redscares, really do but i've got to go with Zzombie13s' on this one. That's a beautiful piece of work, man. (And yours is freaken amazing too).

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I got to vote for ZZoMBiE13 Drawing

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Awesome rendition.

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redscare, nice work everybody

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Just a short time to get votes in. 5 hours and about 20 minutes. :)

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OK, Voting is now closed.

After double recounts, myself and have tied at 6. Obviously the only honorable thing to do now is fight to the death. Redscare, how soon can you make it to North Texas? As host of the contest it's clear that I get home field advantage. Bring your sword. :P

Kidding aside, I have no idea what to do in the event of a tie. But I do know that I wasn't expecting to win and have nothing prepared for hosting a new contest. So... how about you redscare? Could you please host the next Battle Contest?

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Yeah, I'll throw the broadsword in my trunk and drive down from Connecticut. Let me just put the cat in charge of the kids and I'll be right there! :)

I say we split the win and proudly announce ourselves as the new WWE Tag Team Champions. You pick a character (any character), I pick a character, and WALLAH! New contest topic decided! PM me with your character and I'll host it up...

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Also, thanks for all votes! I had fun reminiscing with the old school Image characters and the next contest has some big shoes to fill.. great contest all around!

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The newer battle contest is up if you'd like to unpin this one. :)