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Some awesome entries this round, pitting Jason versus the Super Friends. The level of chaos I was hoping for was definitely surpassed. If you don't know how this works, you post your vote for your favorite below, winner starts the next contest thread and picks the subjects/criteria.  
Here are the entrants: 
Congrats to all for posting their work, voting will go until midnight 10/15 PST. 

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NathanDavid for me.

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I have never had a piece of art make me feel like I wanted to get a bucket and a mop with degreaser to clean up the scene. Total bloody mayhem. My vote goes for...

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so loved this contest and super friend props to all contributers creativity. 
gotta stick with the flow and say NathanDavid too. Even without the gore, which made it tough for me on this, it's got the makings of what good gore will be :)

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Tonis. To me it seems like he's looking into the camera saying, "What? I'm Jason, this is what I do." Love it.
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Tonis or Nathan... so hard to choose...  
two strong entries 
Tonis gets my vote.

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I love Wonder Woman's innocent and unsuspecting look in Nathan's so, so much.  That image would be the perfect final panel in a Jason/DC crossover special (hey, it could happen).
My vote however goes to CKal.  Finally getting to see Supes completely unrestrained and unleashing some of the ol' ultraviolence on someone is a novelty in and of itself!  I also find it amusing that poor dying Bats is about to be blasted with organic confetti...morbid but amusing.

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I love Jason's pose in Nathan's work so, despite the fact that it looks as if Voorhees may chop off his own left hand, I gotta vote for that one. :)

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110% NathanDavid  

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Nice job guys. Great work.
@M.S. Feather:  Haha, thanks.

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Each entry was great, very hard to decide, nice job by all.
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All of them are very nice but NathanDavid gets my vote.

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NathanDavid:  for pure awesomeness :D  
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@LT1085 said:

110% NathanDavid  

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Everyone great entry, NathanDavid
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Looks like NathanDavid takes this round, congrats! Awesome work.  

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this is the best battle contest so far.