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Hey everyone I recently entered into a t-shirt competition for the new Dark Knight Rises movie. If you like my design and wouldn't mind taking a moment to vote by clicking


This is my design:

Hopefully if you like it you will take a minute to VOTE the first place prize is $3500.

Thank in advance


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Wow, nice man. I'd buy one

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I would totally wear that shirt....you know what would make it even more awesome? same design but on a dark grey shirt

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@Onemoreposter: @mr.obvious: @BlackArmor: Thanks a lot!!!

@danhimself: Thanks and I tried it on a dark gray and you can't really see the design... I was thinking a dark shirt with the batman and bats white but this is what I submitted so it's stuck lol

Thanks again for the input everyone it's much appreciated... Hopefully it does come to print and if it does I will let you all know :D

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Wow, I like it a lot. Very detailed, very pretty.

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@BlackArmor said:

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Reminds me of Black Mirror.

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OMGOSH man! That is EPIC! I love it!! =D

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@danhimself: aye same, i like the design its, great but the white doesnt work with the black for me at least, grey would look better :P

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@Superguy0009e: @DomDom: Thanks !!!

@blur1528: The stance of batman was inspired by Francesco Francavilla cover of Detective Comics 871... I simply love his art its terrific and messy yet so perfect

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@Sky_Jokiel: The design is already iconic.

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I'll buy one

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I like it.

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Tell me when it's being sold, so i can grab one asap. :D Great job!