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Each and every week we gather up the best comic book art that you will not see in comics. The reason you won't is because artists often do sketches for fun and commissions and post them on their websites, blogs and Tumblrs. Many artists often arrange commissions through their sites so check them out for more detail if you're looking to own a cool original piece.

This weekend is Emerald City Comicon. Some of our 'regular' artists here will be there. If you live by Seattle, you'll want to try to make the show. I'm at the show running around as well. Hopefully we'll see another installment of the Mystery Art Challenge for next week.

Dustin Nguyen provided the cover to this year's program guide, posted on his Tumblr. He won't be able to do commissions at this year's show but he will have original art and prints for sale at his table in Artist Alley at table M-15.

== TEASER ==

Gabriel Hardman posted a con sketch of Han Solo on his blog. He'll be at table K-04 and has listed his commission rates on his site as well.

Michael Walsh will be at table I-03. Here's a pre-ECCC sketch of Leeloo posted on his Tumblr.

Sean "Cheeks" Galloway has a Kickstarter project underway (info posted HERE). He'll be at table H-11. Here's a pic of Wonder Woman and a Street Fighter posted on his Deviant Art Page.

Peter Nguyen will be at table H-12. Here's an X-Men pick he posted on his Tumblr.

Chris Giarrusso has been doing "Tales from the Con" with Brad Guigar for ECCC. Here's a Captain America cover sketch he posted on his website.

Chris Samnee posted a couple new pieces on his blog this week.

I've mentioned before how Paolo Rivera often posts behind-the-scene bits on what he uses for references when figuring out certain poses on his blog. You should see his process for the AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #17 cover. He also posted this great Space Ghost commission.

Tom Raney did a "Wake Up and Draw" sketch for the Hero Initiative. If you're quick, you can still bid on it HERE. It's for a good cause.

Cameron Stewart posted this Batman sketch on his Instagram.

Speaking of Batman and Instagram, here's a Batman sketch Rafael Albuquerque put up a couple weeks ago on his Instagram that I meant to post.

Denis Medri has been posting his take on Star Wars characters in an 80s High School style on his Deviant Art Page.

Mike Bowden posted a couple video game (sort of) related sketches on his Deviant Art Page this week.

Mahmud Asrar posted some more NYCC 2012 commissions along with some pre-Comic Action Essen 2012 pre-con commissions on his Tumblr.

That's it for this week. Hopefully we'll see plenty of new sketches pop up over the next couple weeks from the artists at ECCC. If you're there and you spot me, make sure you say hello. I had to skip Friday but I will be there Saturday and Sunday.

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Gosh darnit, if Medri and Asrar's work isn't just awesome.

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i love Steampunk Huntress =)

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All of this is golden. Thanks for finding it for us!

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Man, Wonder Woman needs to stop hanging out with Chun-Li.

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Good Choices

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All the Asrar stuff this week is awesome. Cool to see a Dynamo 5 character make it to the selection. Love that Paolo Rivera Space Ghost too.

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WTF is with Wonder Woman ?

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By God, they are all soooo goooood... Can't choose... a favorite...

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baronness is no. 1

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LOVE Peter Nguyen's Xmen art. Looks like it could be awesome cover art. Asrar's art is great, really smooth and Hardman's Han Solo looks really good.

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Loved the art, especially the Star Wars 80s movie scenes and the Space Ghost!

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why can't space ghost appear in threshold

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Wonder Woman has cankles.

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I loved most of these, but what the hell is up with Wonder Woman's legs? That's just a really ugly way of drawing her. Never like that guy's art, mainly because he has some kind of weird fetish for really fat legs.

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I'd just like to say that this is one of my favorite features. I'm glad you do this.

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Samnee. All day. Every day.

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Love that X-Men!

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Asrar's stuff is amazing.

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I want to second that, Mahmud Asrar's art is fantastic! Especially, The Huntress! WOW!

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Gee... maybe a cross-eyed, giant haired, too damn big legged Wonder Woman is what we really need!

At least she isn't wearing blue jeans.

All the other work was great... but, the whole WW thing looks more like fetish art.

Remember when Sam Kieth had a "good looking girls with small pot bellies" fetish?

All in fun... cheers and thanks for the good stuff.

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I don't know, this week, the only pieces I really like are from Rafael Albuquerque and Mahmud Asrar. Just to add I really love Micheal Walsh's work, but it is always in black and white. I love black and white work, really do, but would like to see his use of color once in awhile.

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Apart from the Wonder Woman one, those are all amazing.

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Great art all around but that Peter Nguyen X-Men piece is awesome

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That Wonder Woman looked ok until I saw her calves. Same with Ryu and Spiderman's back leg. What does Cheeks have agains legs?

I really like that Huntress design. Almost steampunk, like a mix of Earth-34 (Amazonia), Earth-19 (Gotham by Gaslight), and Earth-18 (Justice Riders)

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I like Cameron Stewart Batman, Asrar Huntress and Baroness

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That Mario is super creepy. But I think I like it.

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Very good artwork this week yet again. (+)

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Asrar's stuff is sharp, clean and inviting. But Medri's 80s Star Wars pieces really take it - Punk Greedo and Marty McFly dressed Luke are tops.

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Lelu from the fifth element is my fav! :D

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Yay!! No Nauck this week!

Asrar's baroness is amazazing

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loving the 80s Star Wars stuff, sooooo good, theres jus something about SW and mullets...

and the Nguyen X-men is pretty sick too

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hmm..normally spot on, maybe Wonder Woman may not be the best choice for that style? Mr Asrar was bringing the heat this edition..That Huntress piece, nice!

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SPACE GHOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@ThreadPool said:

Samnee. All day. Every day.

I second that emotion.

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Steampunk Huntress takes the cake.

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I really like the Silver Surfer pic. Super cool.

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great art

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original x-men in 90s costumes, pretty cool

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Those star wars picks were funny as hell!

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Nguyen's X-men is really cool, especially Iceman. Glad someone has given Black Bolt some time. That's about it really.

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What the hell is going on with Wonder Woman's legs?!

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What happened to Wonder Woman?

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The Galloway Wonder Woman is AWESOME, hands down!

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Love that Kingdom Hearts reference!!!

Nguyen's X-Men looks amazing!

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Dude. Bowden and that pencil work is killing it. Brilliant, brilliant work on those hands of Ralph's. My hat goes off to you, sir.

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The Spirit by M. Asrar. Didn`t see that one coming. A cool one.