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Each and every week we gather up the best comic book art that you will not see in comics. The reason you won't is because artists often do sketches for fun and commissions and post them on their websites, blogs and Tumblrs. Many artists often arrange commissions through their sites so check them out for more detail if you're looking to own a cool original piece.

Freddie Williams II posted several sketches he recently did on blank comic book covers on his TwitPic page. The one of Roy and Lian is pretty heart breaking.

== TEASER ==

Chris Samnee updated his blog this week with several new pieces. This gives us the chance to see his take on several different characters.

Todd Nauck posted a couple sketches on his Instagram page. I know we're supposed to be seeing Booster Gold soon. It's about time. (No pun intended).

Peter Nguyen posted his first Star Wars commission and a Dani Moonstar sketch on his Tumblr. He decided to try a more heavy ink wash on the Boba Fett piece.

Michael Walsh posted a cool Shadow sketch on his Tumblr. If you've never seen how he draws, check out when he did the Mystery Art Challenge in New York HERE. He also posted a Hero Initiative charity WALKING DEAD cover. These are auctioned off and the proceeds go towards their charity program.

Paolo Rivera also did a Hero Initiative WALKING DEAD cover, which he posted on his blog.

Agnes Garbowska posted a penciled and inked sketch of the Bat Family (which she is going to add watercolors to). She also posted her completed Avengers Park and Game of Thrones pieces on her Tumblr.

Terry Dodson added another NYCC commission to his Deviant Art page. This one is Voodoo. It's a "a Belle Epoque version of her."

Philip Tan posted a couple more sketches on his Facebook page this week of Gorgon and Superman.

Mike Mayhew posted a couple sketches through his Twitter page.

It may not be comic related but it's still art! Denis Medri posted another movie sketch for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest on his Deviant Art Page.

Robert Atkins posted a Venom commission he did at NYCC that was later colored on his blog.

Chris Giarrusso often gets asked to sketch on the blank comic book covers. Here's a Green Goblin sketch he posted on his website.

Sean "Cheeks" Galloway posted an Avengers sketch on his Deviant Art Page.

Brett Booth didn't update his blog last time but he made up for it this week with several new sketches.

That's it for this week. Let us know if we're missing any other comic creators' blogs or websites.

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Ugh... red.

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Who/what is the dinosaur eating???

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This is a stunning piece

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There is some great, original works here! It's always awesome when the artists draw the same characters with a new interpretation or angle.

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Robert Atkins' colored Venom (I know I'm in the minority, but my favorite color scheme is Red, Black and can thank Mass Effect and Gears of War for that), Freddie Williams III's Robin (Damian), Chris Samnee's Daredevil and Wolverine, Phillip Tan's Superman, and Brett Booth's Superior Spider-Man were my favorites this week.

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Chris Samnee! I'd love to see his take on 90s Animal Man and Starman!

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omg iron fist with guns OP

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Can't go wrong with Samnee's work. Love the vintage Wolverine tearing into ninjas.

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Some beautiful work - well done to all! :)

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@Cavemold: I think that is Orson Randall, the golden age Iron Fist. :)
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cool phantom stranger

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I'm loving this 
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Man the artwork this week really kicks butt! I really love that Shadow by Michael Walsh. The Black Panther and esp the Daredevil on Cap's shield by Chris Samnee are well done. Incredible use of inks!

Terry Dodson's work is beautiful.

Yet truly, the knockout here is Mike Mayhew's Scarlet Witch. Wow!

Again, wonderful work by all the artists, always a blast seeing all the collected cartoon and comic art!

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Love the dani moonstar piece.

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Oh that Rivera work done for that Walking Dead 100 blank was thoroughly AWESOME!

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I see Booth and Tan's work and I'm happy.

Here's what I accomplished this week.

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What an awesome art picks week, this week!

Boba Fett looks fantastic! We need a Fett movie!!!

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@Blood1991: Agreed 100% I was just about to re-post Scarlet Witch as well!

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@powerhouse1122: its another dino's arm , look at where he is standing and u will see the dino he beat

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Loving Brett Booth's and Freddie William's work

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i love the wanda and venom images

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Good stuff this weekend.

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i really like that Moonstar picture, the Iron Fist too

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Very NICE (+)

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I like that cover sketch of X35 & Rogue_Mar1e, I mean, Ivy & Harley.

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The Samnee DD snowboarding on Captain America's shield is pretty awesome, as is Mayhew's take on Scarlet Witch. Also incredible was Atkin's take on Venom.

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I'm not typically a Garbowska fan, but the Avengers on the playground was awesome.

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awesome stuff as always and I'm sure that I will say the same thing next week. I would really love to see some different artists here every once and again, that would be nice.

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Booth's Superior Spider-Man. Nuff said!

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Brett Booth can do no wrong

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Booth has always been an favorite of mine. Never done anything badly.

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this is cool

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This is amazing

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I love the art , can't wait for next weeks

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@Ninjablade09 or is it SUPERIOR?!

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@EvanTheMexiJew said:

@Ninjablade09 or is it SUPERIOR?!

Should have this coming

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Hi! newly registered here but have been following this thread weekly for some inspiration.

Just like to share my work here too :)

You can check more of my stuff on my DA >> or FB Page >>

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I wanna buy some of this stuff.....please

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love love brett booth's work