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Each week we seek out the greatest comic book art that you won't see in actual comics. The reason you won't is because artists often draw sketches for fun or commissions and post them on their webistes, blogs and Tumblrs. Some artists even arrange commissions through their sites so be sure to check them out.

Marcio Takara's commission list is open. You can contact him for more information at Marcio posted some examples on his Tumblr this week.

Peter Nguyen is also taking commissions for FanExpo. You can find more information at on his Tumblr.

I've been meaning to post these recent commissions from Sean Murphy each week but they kept slipping by. Sean posted these on his Twitter and they are pretty dang amazing. The Avengers piece was colored by Mike Spicer.

Terry Dodson posted more SDCC commissions on his Deviant Art Page. You can check out his step by step post on the Captain America sketch HERE.

Agnes Garbowska posted some more commissions from SDCC on her Tumblr. She'll also be at Boston Comic Con this weekend.

Brett Booth posted another new sketch on his blog. This time it's Superior Spider-Man.

Dustin Nguyen posted a peek at an upcoming issue of BATMAN: LI'L GOTHAM and along with some other art on his Tumblr.

Paolo Rivera posted some commissions from last year on his blog.

Tom Raney posted a few commissions from Boston Comic Con on his Twitter page.

Gene Gonzales has been busy but was compelled to draw Mary Marvel on his blog. He does have this and some others for sale on his site.

Joel Gomez posted some SDCC commissions on his Tumblr.

Skottie Young posted some new sketches on his Tumblr. Some (like his Cable pic) is for sale HERE.

Guess it shouldn't be a surprise. Todd Nauck posted another huge batch of SDCC commissions on his Tumblr.

That wraps up this installment. I may be off the grid next weekend but I'll see if I can gather some new art for next Saturday!

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Nothing really stood out for me but they all are very good.

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None of these are cool enough to download. But its cool to see battle beast and invincible.

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Man, Terry Dodson draws one sexy Black Cat and female Captain America.

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Tom Raney art is my favorite this week

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Wow, Tom Raney is awesome!

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I've started looking forward to Agnes' stuff every week. It's just plain fun.

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Raney's Man-Bat piece is awesome.

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I've started looking forward to Agnes' stuff every week. It's just plain fun.

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Mary Marvel looks great, and I quite like that Nightwing/Superboy cover

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you lie spidey. nothing beats shaorma. NOTHING. in terms of small to medium fast food.

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@wolverine08 said:

Man, Terry Dodson draws one sexy Black Cat and female Captain America.


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Skottie Young's Cable has a Finn from Adventure Time button as part of all his padding. I love that.

Now I want to see Fin, on Adventure Time on the show, wearing big Cable inspired padding.

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Very meh.

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Love Skottie Young's Cable. Wish he would post them to his deviantArt site so I could feature them in my weekly picks. Had a lot of similar picks this week, and if you haven't seen them Artgerm's Fake Justice Magazine of Jun and Poison Ivy are awesome.

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I'd like to see Agnes drawing an entire issue of The Walking Dead; ideally an Agnes/Michonne Special. An Agnes Anthology title would be even better, or a limited series "Agnes Draws the ... Universe".

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Maaaaaan! The Batman Beyond and Wolverine pieces by Murphy are incredible! And that Brett Booth Superior Spider-Man looks fantastic!

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I am in love with Sean Murphy's batman beyond pic.... i don't know why. Oh my god i love it... OHN MADANDADADADA!!!!!

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Tom Raney's Man-bat is just amazing.

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Brett Booth on a Spider-man book would be amazing!!

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Like Takara and Garbowskas art is adorable

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All solid work, but only Superior Spider-Man and Hellboy stood out to me. Still so great to see people consistently publishing such good art.

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Batman Beyond and Wolverine by Murphy are great. Love the close up of Nightwing.

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My favorites are Marcio Takara's Uncanny Avengers and Sean Murphy's Wolverine. Everything by Todd Nauck is also awesome as usually.

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Raney's Man-Bat piece is awesome.

I echo that sentiment. His Hellboy is fantastic. I saw the Hellboy and thought, "Man, this is beautiful", scrolled down, saw the Man-Bat and was just....WOW.

Again, incredible art by all the artists! So much to marvel at every week!

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Brett Booth never disappoint.

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Sean Murphy's art is great!

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Sean Murphy's stuff is AMAZING!!!

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Love Sean Murphy's art! So awesome!

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Brett Booth's Superior Spider-Man

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That wolverine pictue is straight out of Throne of Blood in terms of arrow count.

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That Man-Bat is out of control

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Dang thats some good artwork

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That's how Scarlet Witch should look like, minus the headgear, in Avengers: AOU

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love all of them but MJ looked a little strange to me.

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I love love love love LOVE Agnes Garbowska.

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Rogue and wanda steal the show this week.

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Skottie Young's Cable just made my day! :-D His Hagrid is also awesome.

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Paolo Rivera's work is SO BEAUTIFUL!!

Not that I'm a Green Arrow fan, but I JUST LOVE that little squirrel! He looks like he's saying "gasp. Oh goodness! Please Mr. human, you'll hurt somebody with that pointy stick!" so cute lol!

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I think that female captain America is based off of a cosplayer that goes every year.

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Skottie Young's Hagrid. The End.

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Hard for me to pick just one, but if I have to, I'll pick Todd Nauck's Superman FTW!

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Man, Terry Dodson draws one sexy Black Cat and female Captain America.

I know, right?

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So many incredible picks, can't decide which one I like the most!

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great pictures really like the wolverine and spidey

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Tom raney is a beast!

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RANEY and NAUCK were on fire!