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Each week we gather up the coolest comic book art that won't be appearing in actual comics. The reason they won't is because artists often do sketches for fun and commissions. They graciously share them by posting on their blogs, Tumblrs and Twitter accounts. They are way too cool to be overlooked.

It's hard to believe next week is San Diego Comic-Con so hopefully we'll be seeing lots of sketches in the coming weeks.

Denis Medri has posted some cool new interpretations of familiar characters in the past. This week he posted some steampunk Spider-Man sketches on his Deviant Art page.

== TEASER ==

Gabriel Hardman will only be at SDCC on Saturday. He'll be on a couple panels (you can find more information here) so be on the look out if you want to catch up with him. Here's a couple sketches he posted on his blog this week.

Chris Giarrusso will also be at SDCC. Chris is a great guy to meet so be sure to stop by and check out his sketches. Here's some he posted this week on his site along with another Tribute Tuesday.

Peter Nguyen is planning on being there also. He posted this sketch of a bunch of Robins on this Tumblr. The finished version should be available next week.

Agnes Garbowska will be at SDCC. Check out these recent commissions she posted on her Tumblr.

I found out yesterday that Skottie Young will not be able to attend SDCC this year. That's a bummer but he's a crazy busy guy. (I mean he's really busy not actually crazy). He did manage to post some Daily Sketches on his site this week.

Dustin Nguyen is another busy guy. He will be at SDCC and posted his schedule on his Tumblr, along with these recent sketches.

Francis Manapul is another guy that will be hard to find at SDCC as he's likely to be running around all over the place. A few weeks ago he posted a look at his Batman piece for a CBLDF auction. You can find out more information here. Check out the version he just posted on his Tumblr this week.

Here's a nice pic of Thor Francesco Francavillaposted this week. I actually saw Thor last night at Movies in the Park.

I'm surprised we haven't seen more Spider-Man this week. Here's a commission from last year Paolo Rivera posted on his blog this week.

Mitch Breitweiser has a Captain America print up on ebay including an extra sketch on the print. There's still time to bid on it.

Another week in the New 52 and still no Stephanie Brown. At least Cameron Stewart posted a sketch of her on Instagram this week.

Mike Mayhew posted a commission of Spawn on Twitter this week. It's surprising we don't see more Spawn.

Gene Gonzales is working on a Mary Marvel sketch (wonder what she'll look like in the New 52). It's a work in progress but looks pretty good so far. He also posted a sketch of Death of the Endless on his blog.

Joe Quinones posted a couple commissions from recent conventions on his Tumblr. You can't go wrong with Batman or Mysterio.

Sean "Cheeks" Galloway posted this cool picture of Superman on his Tumblr this week. And check out his rendition of Wonder Woman from last month.

That's it for this week. I'm not sure if we'll be seeing an installment next week since we'll be at SDCC. But as a tease, I have already started talking to artists about doing another Mystery Art Challenge video (including some seen above). I have a character in mind (which I can't reveal to give them a heads up). I just need to pick the random object to go along with the character. If you're at SDCC, be sure to say hello.

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Love me some Skottie Young.

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That steam punk was my favorite.

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That picture of Death is so boss. I love all those little gadgets and weapons she collected, and little hidden Captain America's shield, Mjoilnir, and a (not so hidden) Iron Man mk 1 armor helmet. I love that bowl of Green Lantern rings she has. XD

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barn boy and big knockers ww. that is all

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I LOVE this stuff:

Denis Medri has posted some cool new interpretations of familiar characters in the past. This week he posted some steampunk Spider-Man sketches on his Deviant Art page.

I especially love Green Goblin, sort of want to see him look like that in the comics.

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Oh God I love Gabriel Hardman and Animal Man. I do anything to own that sketch. Really like the Peter Nguyen Robins pic too. His stuff on here has been catching my eye lately.

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Steampunk Spiderman stuff was great

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I usually despise Spider-Man...But a steampunk Spider-Man series would RULE!!!

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A 19 century spider man would be a must buy

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The Steampunk Spider-Man sketches, that Thor piece and the Superman one are my favourites. Brilliant art this week.

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Nguyen's Nightwing for me is exceptional. And Manapul's Batman is equally excellent.

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Man I REALLY REALLY HATE that chibi animated type crap...

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@LordRequiem said:

Nguyen's Nightwing for me is exceptional. And Manapul's Batman is equally excellent.

and also Dustin Nguyen's Joker and Harley was amazing

@Planewalker said:

Man I REALLY REALLY HATE that chibi animated type crap...

who doesn't?

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Those Denis Medri pieces are awesome. Tank Girl yay !!! Galloway's Wonder Woman is pretty epic O.O

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Nice Batman pics. The Spiderman ones are good too.

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All around awesome work. Buddy, Hellboy and Mary but Tank Girl <3

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"Colonial" spider-man & villians are awesome!

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Steampunk Spiderman = awesome.

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It's all too good to pick a favorite this week!

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@Aph8825 said:

"Colonial" spider-man & villians are awesome!

Yeah, those are pretty cool! Technically, the genre they were inspired by is called 'steampunk', not 'colonial'.

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There's a lot to like this week. Highlights for me are:

  • Adventure Time / Batman mashup
  • Collected Robins (including Steph)
  • Steph as Batgirl
  • Galloway's incredibly cheerful Superman
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Steampunk spidey is amazing

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Adventure Time Batman FTW!

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That Nightwing/Robins piece that Peter Nguyen is working on will turn out to be AWESOME! I want one! Also, Dustin's Harley and Joker one is one of my favorites...

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I love the art! There's some real talent out there

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The last two (superman and wonder woman ) were awesome. Really like the Steampunk Goblin too. Very great!

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Great Stuff :)

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Love 'em all!

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That Mysterio pic looks like a LITTLE like Mr. Freeze...

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Love to see Spider-Man In a Captain America suit made by Tony Stark and he use's his web to make the shield. If any artist see's this comment I hope they actually try this. :)

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Why the f*ck is steam-punk a "thing"

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FM's Batman picture is absolutely terrific artwork

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Spawn and last Superman looks awesome

Oh my lord...... ROFL
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@LordRequiem said:

Nguyen's Nightwing for me is exceptional. And Manapul's Batman is equally excellent.


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This is One of the reasons why I wake up early on a saturday morning.

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Really loved the Tetsuo sketch, Very nice work

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How 'bout that Mike Zeck work ? Miss that man.

#41 Posted by Grey56 (798 posts) - - Show Bio

@KainScion: This - but perhaps phrased more politely. Either way - they look sharp. Or round. One gets the idea.

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Adventure Time Batman is the greatest thing ever.

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Peter Nguyen needs to be an illustrator for more comics. His art is spectacular.

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Cool steampunk Spider-man pictures.

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awesome!! :D

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Love Skottie Young and Dustin Nguyen's Adventure Time Batman is Algebraic!!!

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Love the vintage/colonial Spiderman sketches.

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@JamDamage said:


I knew I recognized that Skottie Young pic from somewhere! AKIRA! Awesome.

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Lots of kickass art!