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I've been digging Tony's weekly posts of awesome art picks (and loving the Phil Noto insertions) but it always feels like there isn't enough there (to meanyway, I'm addicted to comic art and artists and want to be a professional illustrator). Other sites, which I won't mention, do similar things 
So here's my idea and someone please tell me if this is already or has been covered/done: 
Us Comic Viner's post our own art picks. Hopefully this will take off. I think it would be really great and I'm sure we'd all discover artist's we've never heard of before, which is always good. 
I'm even going to suggest a format/formula of doing this, and it goes a little something like this...  
Current Pick: 
For this heading pick a piece that either has been released in recent weeks (be it online or even in this week's comics) 
Mine would have to be the Daredevil #1 cover by Javier Rodriguez. Simply a great cover for a great issue. Words are used very cleverly here, as you can see. 
People can post covers or panel work or one off pieces on someone's blog, etc. Just make sure it's pretty current.

Daredevil #1
 Iconic Pick 
For this pick an image you regard as classic or that you've always remembered for one reason or another . It could be from the 60's or last month. Completely up to you, but try and describe why it's so great
Many to choose, this time I'll pick Jim Lee's epic spread from X-men #1. For as long as I can remember, I can remember remembering this pic. Folow me? No? 
Favorite Artist Pick
Pick an image by one of your favorite artists  
Frank Quitley is by far my favorite artist and I was even lucky enough to meet him a few months ago. Such a talent and inspiration. Hard to choose just one pic but this one happens to be staring me in the face right now. It's been my phone wallpaper for months now
Shout Out Pick 
If at all possible post a pic by an up and coming artist, a little known artist or even someone you know 
Declan Shalvey is an irish comic book artist currently working on Thunderbolts. He's pretty much amazing. He's part of the Eclectic Mick's blog which features daily posts by other irish artists working in the comic book industry too 
 Do you like X-Force? Cos I love X-force and this piece is a visual treat to behold
So let me know what you think of this idea. I'm hoping to make a post every week so hopefully this will take off. Try not to post something that's already here unless it's really really really really awesome!
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I'd like to post the " Uncanny X-Force: Fear Itself " cover by Simone Bianchi.
I love the sheer detailing put into the work.

And its a great work you are doing here. Keep it up.
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Current Pick:
The Spirit #16 by Jose Ladronn.  All of Ladronn's work is beautiful and this cover is no exception.  I love the textures and the way the light brings out all the red in the image, especially the knife.
Iconic Pick:
Plastic Man #12 by Ramona Fradon.  Another cover that plays with vibrant reds.  I'm not sure why it's stuck in my mind so vividly but it has...there's something almost unsettling about the use of Plas' powers in this one and Fradon's style is just icing on the cake.
Favorite Artist Pick:
I was going to add a Cuties pic here but it recently came to my attention that my favorite comic artist Monkey Punch did the cover art for the Japanese version of Crackdown.  Sweet!  I'm going to buy the Japanese version just for that! ^^
Shout Out Pick:
By Raven0207
Man-At-Arms by Comic Vine's own Raven0207.  This is a beautiful painting and if I owned it, it would hang with honor among my Giger prints.  Beyond Cool!
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@M.S. Feather: wow madame, if I invested in art you'd be my right eye :)

A most excellent selection.

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@spawndon: ya, there unworried faces add to it too. nice pick. 
@M.S. Feather
: Nice selections. There's something bout that Plastic Man one alright, now that you say it 
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@MuadDiab: @tonis: Thanks.  It's nice to know my tastes are somewhat palatable. ^^
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@M.S. Feather:  Wow ! What a Honor ! Thank you very much Feather ! I'm going to matte it and frame it just for you !  
Now for my Picks  
 Current Pick   
Alex Ross's covers for this series are some of my favorites ever by him. 
Favorite Artist  
J.Scott Campbell is hands down one of my favorites and a great guy. I would kill to get a commission or original comic art from him. Until then I guess I'll just have to drool ! 
Shout Out  
To the man that will bend over backwards for his fans and friends. I have been lucky to get to know Mr. Micah Gunnell over the past couple of years and after this past weekends SDCC I think I am safe to show one of his awesome pieces of the Upcoming Shrugged Volume 2. Micah sent me the scan soon after finishing these over 9 months ago just cause he knows how much I loved the series and his work. If you haven't seen his stuff you need to pick up a few of his books. And if you are lucky enough to have one of his sketchbooks from last year you will see 2 of the pieces that he did for me right in the middle of it.
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@Raven0207: Woohoo!
Oh my, those Gunnell pencils are gorgeous...
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@M.S. Feather said:

@Raven0207: Woohoo!  Oh my, those Gunnell pencils are gorgeous...

Yeah they are. I hope I don't have someone shoot me for posting those since I thought they were shown at SDCC. And there still is one more that I didn't post ! 
Edit ! No one will be shooting me. They did premiere these at SDCC. You can see the colored versions here http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=33412
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@Raven0207: I hope you don't get in trouble too.  If it means anything though you did just introduced me to a series I hadn't heard of before and am now looking for the trades. ^^
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@M.S. Feather: oh my god ! Great Series ! If you can't find it the comic shop down the road has a used copy 40% off so I could pick it up and send it to you.
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@Raven0207: That's so sweet of you to offer. X3
Scifigenre has it for only $19.95 though, so I'll just pick it up from there.  They also have the Army of Darkness issues in for fifty cents apiece so I'll pick those up too while I'm at it. :D
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@M.S. Feather: It is a great story ! I promise!
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@Raven0207: stunning pencils
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I wish more people contributed to this, but whatever. Here's my picks for this week. 
Current: Jock, Detective Comics, Joker. Nuff' said! 

Iconic: Frank Quietly's cover to Absolute All-Star Superman for obvious reasons 
Favorite Artist: Mike Mignola is one of my all time favorite's and I loved his cover for the recent issue 
Shout-Out: Tommie Kelly is an Irish Illustrator and storyteller. Check out his site and the sketch paddy's blog, of which he is a part of. 
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Love Tommie Kelly's style. I'll have to check him out.
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current favorites Raphael Albuquerque and Franscesco Francavella