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Each week we search for the coolest comic book art that won't actually appear in comics. The reason they won't is because artists often draw sketches for fun or commissions and post them on their websites, blogs or Tumblrs. Some artists even arrange commissions through their sites so be sure to check them out.

Todd Nauck posted a sketch cover for ALL-NEW X-MEN and Doop on his Instagram and Tumblr.

Mike Allred contributed to the Sandman 25th Anniversary Art Exhibit and posted this image on his blog, in which the artwork is being sold with 100% of the proceeds going to the Doembecher Children's Hospital. You can find out more by clicking HERE.

Marcio Takara posted some new commissions on his Tumblr this week.

Ryan Stegman posted some more commissions from Detroit Fanfare on his Tumblr.

Mike Deodato posted this headshot of Storm on his Tumblr.

Terry Dodson posted this Wonder Woman sketch he did at Breda on his Deviant Art Page.

Robert Atkins posted a couple commissions on his blog.

Challengers Comics in Chicago has put up some Chris Giarrusso art in their window. Chris posted these on his blog along with some sketches he did along with a Mini Marvels sketch that is up for auction to benefit the Hero Initiative over at Comic Art Fans.

Chris Burnham is at Comikaze this weekend and has already posted some sketches on his Twitter.

Sean Galloway posted this Superman/Beast Boy commission on his Deviant Art Page.

Daniel HDR posted this Iron Man commission on his Tumblr. He'll be at Comic Mania, which is a convention in Rio De Janeiro.

Khary Randolph posted this sketch of Jon Snow for his lady on his Deviant Art Page.

Paolo Rivera posted this sketch of Kato from Supercon 2013 on his blog.

Joel Gomez was in the spirit of Halloween and posted some sketches he did for fun on his Tumblr.

Mike McKone posted a couple pics on his Twitter page.

Gene Gonzales posted some more 'Conventionless Sketches' on his blog.

Jeff Wamester posted a Batman/Superman crossover page on his Tumblr.

Cameron Stewart dug Kelly Sue Deconnick and Emma Rios' PRETTY DEADLY and posted this sketch on his Tumblr.

That's it for this week. Hopefully we'll see more art surface from Comikaze. Be sure to check back next time.

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love the art this week

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those 2 are by far the best.

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That Jon Snow looks amazing :)

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The Daredevil in the Giarrusso piece is so cruel...but pretty funny:

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Man that Chris Burnham Daredevil is so great. I'd love to have a print of that.

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Many good ones this week

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Wow, those were all sick. I especially liked all the stuff from Joel Gomez, amazing art.

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This week sucked

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Batman and Wonder Woman kissing on the cover of Justice League 16?

Loading Video...

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That yellow DD, Superman/Batman, and Superman/Beast Boy win.

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So excited to see Galloway on Superman Adventures, his art fits well and always looks awesome. Also I love Takara's take on Spiral. And for those who keep up I've also posted my deviantArt Picks for the week as well.

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Love the Wonder Woman and Black Canary below it, as well as the Pretty Deadly art at the bottom. Some really cool stuff this week.

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@sinestro_gl: Yeah, I actually laughed out loud... :) Such a funny detail :)

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This was my favorite this week:

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I love the Cyclops/Dolorean, King Thor, and off all Gomez's work this week. Oh, and Daredevil walking the opposite direction cracked me up...haha!

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Favorites: Marcio Takara's All-New Cyclops, Todd Nauck's Doop, Chris Burnham's Daredevil, Joel Gomez's Freddy Kreuger, Robert Atkins's Black Canary, and Chris Giarusso's Batman. Although the best art I've seen this week would have to be a collection of superhero manatee drawings I saw linked on facebook.

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this art is always amazing

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The Superman/Beast Boy one is adorable.

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The Jon Snow one is epic

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One of the best Awesome Art Picks I've seen in quite a while.

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Awesome arts.

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I thought this one trumped them all in just pure awesome-ness,

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I know it will never happen, but a Batman and Wonder Woman romance would be awesome. I love the Justice League Unlimited episodes that flirted with the idea of Bruce and Diana!

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Plenty of great pieces again.

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Good stuff.

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I love that Jeff Wamester used the Sean Murphy Batman design from the Black and White statue for that Batman/Superman sketch. I love that design.

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Hate it when I don't know people, who is that green boy Gomez drew (it looks great!)

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Lots of great art picks here!