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Each week we search high and low all over the internet to find some of the coolest comic art out there. The reason you won't see this art is because artist often do commissions or posts sketches on their blogs, Twitter pages or Tumblr accounts. They are simply too wonderful to go unnoticed.

Mike Mayhew sometimes posts commissions on his Twitter but it turns out he's also posting some commissions for sale over at Comic Art Fans. You might want to check back as some of these are already sold but look how amazing they are. This first is a 11x14 watercolor pic of Jean Grey.

== TEASER ==

Check out Mike's Supergirl (New 52), the Shadow and a cover reproduction of X-Men #50 (1968).

Mike also did this cover sketch of Vampirella. What if she did join the Avengers?

Can we agree that we need more Marcus To art? Here's a couple sketches he posted on his Tumblr of Nightwing and Robin (Damian).

Skottie Young has been posting more Daily Doodles on his site and they are for sale. Obviously they're one of a kind each time he posts so you have to be quick if you want to own one. Check out his Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba, Earthworm Jim, Invader Zim and Mario.

Tom Raney posted some more sketches on this Twitter. Check out his Hellboy (seen here without color), Stormwatch and Jocasta.

Michael Walsh keeps putting up several sweet sketches each week on his Tumblr. Check out his Captain Cold, Spider-Man and Michaelangelo.

Did you read this week's issue of CAPTAIN AMERICA & BUCKY? Well, here's a rendition of the two courtesy of Nathan Fairbairn posted at ComicTwart.

Philip Tan updated his Tumblr with a sketch/painted version of the Abomination. When was the last time he looked so good?

Here's an artist that was suggested last week (thanks sdunham818!). Robert Atkinsposted several sketches of the Justice League of America. It's nice to see the pre-New 52 versions again. He put up a couple versions of Green Arrow, Plastic Man, Vixen and Etrigan.

Finally, we have a couple from Phil Noto's Tumblr. I just found out he's doing an upcoming issue of UNCANNY X-FORCE. That's going to be insane. Check out his X-23 and Sharon Carter.

That's it for this week. Hope you enjoyed the selection. Feel free to p.m. or e-mail me if you discover any sweet pics from comic artists and feel they deserve to be featured.

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Gotta love a Fugazi shirt in any pic, but my favorites are the Hellboy, Captain Cold, and Killer Croc.

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Cool pics

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They all amaze me...but that one with Sharon Carter looking at Cap really sticks out to me...

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Supergirl's looking pretty darn womanly there...

#5 Posted by pikahyper (14138 posts) - - Show Bio

Nice rendition of the Shadow and yay Invader Zim and Gir !!!

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That Jean Grey is beautiful

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The Shadow two art picks in a row, cool

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Mike Mayhew's watercolours of Jean and Supergirl are absolultely beautiful. He really knows how to use watercolour art to its fullest. The deep colours and poetic facial expressions make for some lovely pictures.

#9 Posted by Billy Batson (59235 posts) - - Show Bio

Stormwatch! :D

#10 Posted by Morgaine_Levesque (2110 posts) - - Show Bio

Phil Noto is a god amongst men.

#11 Posted by rogue_mar1e (20180 posts) - - Show Bio

Looooove Marcus To's Nightwing and Damian!

#12 Posted by jubeiyagyuX (123 posts) - - Show Bio

Phil Noto? Uncanny X-Force? Holy hell!! Time to hibernate till its out

#13 Posted by BatClaw89 (143 posts) - - Show Bio


#14 Posted by tonis (6561 posts) - - Show Bio

whoa, Mike just made an insta-fan with that Kara :)

thanks for the finds

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Phil, you might be a better artist, but I bet I'm more punk then you are!

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Nice pics!

#17 Posted by wowylied (238 posts) - - Show Bio

Vampirella seems doing something naughty here...

#18 Posted by KainScion (2992 posts) - - Show Bio

the one with cap and sharon is soooo good. its feels so real, really lifelike.

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Love seeing X-23 in the Fugazi shirt. That Skottie Young Earthworm Jim is really cool too. Not overly familiar with Michael Walsh but someone needs to put him on a crime series.

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WOW all fantastic artwork.

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Those bottom 2 pieces by Atkins are great and the Cap and Sharon picture is an amazing "moment in time" piece. The pieces Mayhew did were just mind-boggling. Thanks for posting.

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I'm loving the Mario and Hellboy.

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@wowylied said:

Vampirella seems doing something naughty here...

LOL Or it looks like she just did something naughty. The black and white contributes to that thought.

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@jubeiyagyuX said:

Phil Noto? Uncanny X-Force? Holy hell!! Time to hibernate till its out

Here's the cover to #24. They're hunting for AoA Iceman.

(W) Rick Remender (A/CA) Phil Noto

AoA Wolverine, Deadpool And Nightcrawler Go On Mission To Kill AoA Iceman! What's Left Of X-Force Returns From Otherworld!

#25 Posted by ulrich200 (97 posts) - - Show Bio

Nice work.

#26 Posted by Sobe Cin (602 posts) - - Show Bio

Its great to see some original members of Stormwatch once again, love the Plastic Man and both green arrow pics.

#27 Posted by The Impersonator (6690 posts) - - Show Bio

Cowabunga, dude!

#28 Posted by thanosrules (886 posts) - - Show Bio

Such fantastic art!

I wish I could get hypnotized and have whatever part of the brain that allows for this kind of talent to be switched on...

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#30 Posted by Miss_Garrick (1761 posts) - - Show Bio

Mike Mayhew's art is amazing! Especially the Jean Grey piece.

#31 Posted by MorningGentleman (12 posts) - - Show Bio

All are amazing but the Supergirl one is my favourite

#32 Posted by DMC (2004 posts) - - Show Bio

AWESOME Supergirl art ^_^

#33 Posted by Darth Coleslaw (96 posts) - - Show Bio

@BlackArmor said:


#34 Posted by rum1929 (453 posts) - - Show Bio

Awesome pics!!

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I love Tom Raney's style and his inks are incredibly impressive. Just "wow" every time I see his work.

Just as incredible are The Shadow and Robert Atkins' Green Arrow andEtrigan pieces, along with the Skottie Young work. The Michael Walsh Capt. Cold is fantastic, really conveys the "icy" feel of that villain perfectly! Philip Tan's Abomination is powerful and Marcus To did a great job with Nightwing and that twerp Damian! The artwork by Raney of Jocasta is great and I believe user Hawkeye446 will dig that one a lot!

I really enjoy each one here goes without saying but I love seeing all the artists' work every Saturday.

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#37 Posted by sdunham818 (100 posts) - - Show Bio

Cap and Sharon picture is an amazing +1 for sure!

#38 Posted by DoomDoomDoom (4281 posts) - - Show Bio

Amazing art, just amazing!

#39 Posted by krilling (2497 posts) - - Show Bio

Just a stunning portrait of Jean. Also props for Walsh's Mike.

#40 Posted by The Stegman (29107 posts) - - Show Bio

The Green Arrow one is amazing (the colored one) but Supergirl looks 40 in that pic

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Mayhew's art is especially appealing to me in these picks. Awesome!

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Love that pic of the Shadow by Mike Mayhew. And as always, awesome work by Skottie Young.

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Hell yeah! Phil Noto on Uncanny X-force!

#44 Posted by Primmaster64 (21663 posts) - - Show Bio

Invader Zim

#45 Posted by Ganthetsward20 (724 posts) - - Show Bio

Loved Etrigan and Mario!!!

#46 Posted by Sonata (5086 posts) - - Show Bio

Shadow and Supergirl are very nice.

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Right on, Damian and Hellboy were my favs. :O

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earthworm jim,what?! havent seen that dude since like 1993

wow, phil noto's something else man, that guy always knows how to actually capture emotion and thought in his characters faces, mainly the eyes

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The Shadow, I like the best.

#50 Posted by The Poet (8646 posts) - - Show Bio

All really cool art!