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Each and every week we gather up the best comic book art that you will not see in comics. The reason you won't is because artists often do sketches for fun and commissions and post them on their websites, blogs and Tumblrs. Many artists often arrange commissions through their sites so check them out for more detail if you're looking to own a cool original piece. Next weekend is also Emerald City Comic Con. Some of our 'regular' artists here will be there. If you live by Seattle, you'll want to try to make the show.

Marcio Takara is one of the artist attending ECCC. You'll soon see his art on a couple issues of THE FLASH (while Francis Manapul takes a tiny break). He posted a Batgirl/Supergirl image on his Tumblr and mentioned possibly turning it into a print. He originally did them separately (we posted the Supergirl image last week). He also posted a Spawn homage.

== TEASER ==

Gabriel Hardman will be at the show as well. He has his table number and commission prices on his blog. He posted an example of the two Doctors.

Agnes Garbowska will be at ECCC. She's posted some prints she'll have available on her Tumblr recently. She'll also be doing commissions. Here's a recent one she posted this week.

Dustin Nguyen will be there. Have you been reading BATMAN: LI'L GOTHAM? Maybe you could get him to sign your iPad screen. Dustin posted a look at Ra's al Ghul, who will be appearing in an upcoming chapter, on his Tumblr.

Michael Walsh is another artist that will be in Seattle next week. Check out the Avengers sketch he posted on his Tumblr.

Tom Raney posted a pic of his Hero's Initiative WALKING DEAD #100 cover on this Twitter.

Chris Giarrusso posted another sketch cover commission on his website. He drew Hawkeye on a DARK AVENGERS cover. Question is, did he draw Clint Barton or Bullseye?

Peter Nguyen has been working on an Avengers commission. He says he's not down tweaking it. We'll have to see if he posts and update later on his Tumblr.

Gene Gonzales has started playing around drawing in the digital medium. Check out the Catwoman pic he posted on his blog.

Cameron Stewart the itch to draw some Snake Plisskin from Escape From New York.

Todd Nauck posted some sketches on his Tumblr and Instagram this week.

Mahmud Asrar posted some more pre-NYCC commissions on his Tumblr.

Brett Booth posted a couple sketches of heroes standing tall on the rooftops on his blog. Imagine a Superman/TMNT crossover...

Mike Bowden posted some new sketches on his Deviant Art page.

Chris Samnee posted several new pieces on his blog this week.

That's it for this week. Originally I had plans to attend ECCC. Unfortunately something's come up and I may have to change my plans. If you are planning on attending, make sure to say hello to the artists that were featured here.

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Mike bowden no skottie

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Great stuff. Mahmud Asrar's work is particularly striking this time around.

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Mike bowden no skottie

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I want a Brett Booth TMNT book so bad right now.

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Why is Mahmud Asrar's work better in commission's than in comics

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@nappystr8 said:

I want a Brett Booth TMNT book so bad right now.

You and me both!

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I miss Booster and Skeets.

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Been awhile since I checked out the Awesome Art Picks. Some really great ones here this week. Especially the Batgirl and Supergirl one and Raphael. Maybe Brett Booth could do TMNT.

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I want that Panthro pic!

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Really dig Asrar's Batwoman but all his pieces are incredible. Still, that one really is spectacular.

All the art is incredible! Love the Snake Plisskin--f#k yeah!

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Less Nauck

More Asrar


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Marcio Takara and Brett Booth's were my favorites!

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Love all these new piece of art :D

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Great stuff again. I always love Brett Booth's sketches in particular.

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i didnt like brett booth in teen titans, and im mad that hes replacing eddy barrows on nightwing, but that superman picture by him is so awesome!

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Great stuff! Love the energy of the Bowden pieces.

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Aw, I hope you do come to the ECCC G-Man! I want to see you and say hi.

This is BRILLIANT!! Matt Smith said his favorite episode was "Tomb of the Cybermen"! And their outfits work together!

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Is it just me or does "Snake Plisskin from Escape From New York"

Look like The Governor from the Walking Dead comics?

Overall, Amazing art work. Love Takara's work. Like to see more colour versions but oh well...

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Spawn wearing a top hat... Nuff said.

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Don't know that I've seen Bowden's work before - but it takes the cake this week.

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- Good grief man; cut the hounding. I know we love the work of Mr. Young, but they can't post Skottie's stuff if Skottie doesn't post new stuff. Check out his blog; he hasn't put anything new up in two weeks, because he's been busy working for money. We artists like money, actually; getting paid for our work is a nice treat every now and then. So cut the crap and start bugging Skottie for more work if you're that desperate. Or, go buy some of his stuff, show a little appreciation.

Way I see it, you're wrong; a Superman/TMNT crossover would be a poor idea. The tones are all wrong, power-levels are nothing alike, and heroes with a modus operandi like that would struggle in Metropolis. If you paired TMNT with Nightwing, though, I think you'd get some awesome banter going on, and the Turtles would fit Gotham like a glove. It'd be great. Picture the dudes up against Killer Croc. Now how great would that be?

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Thanks Todd for that sweet Booster pic. And thank you for using teh proper skeets. Skeets is a cute little spaceship, not an app in Boosters helmet New 52 writers. Learn to love this fact.

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the two spawns are sick :D

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I am physically disgusted not to see some Phillip Tan. But Bret Booth shall suffice.

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Wow, this latest edition of Ben Bates on pencils has been the best yet, but Brett Booth would knock it out of the park with pencils like THAT.

Also really liked Samnee's sketches, but he's best kept at Daredevil in my opinion. It's like a modern day take on the '60s style; there's a light-heartedness to it.

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Toss up for me between Raney's Walking Dead cover and Cameron Stewart's Snake Plissken. All are good though in the end so I just really can't decide which is best.

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Brett Booth and Peter Nguyen are where it's at.

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All the Avenger ones were great looking, LOVED the Daredevil one, eh, I pretty much liked them all.

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Booth's Raphael and Nguyen's Avengers are great

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Would really like a Bret Booth TMNT book, or maybe question/creeper or Ambush Bug.

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that daredevil is sick!

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The Cannonball and Husk team-up is cute!!

And I really like the Psylocke one!

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I love the Spawn pic by Mahmud Asrar. Reminds me a bit of Slash... But just love the position of the character, the lines.. Love it! And I'm not a huge fan of the character. I'm not a huge fan of Mahmud Asrar but I love this pic... :D

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